‘Bachelor’ 2017 ‘Villain,’ Corinne Olympios, Is Topless During Portion Of First Group Date [Spoiler]

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A lot of chatter has surfaced around The Bachelor 2017 “villain,” Corinne Olympios, and the antics she’ll cop to in winning over Nick Viall.

Warning: brief spoilers will be posted below. Stop reading if you don’t want any details.

Reality Steve has informed his readers that Corinne Olympios will be this season’s “villain” and she lives up to it perfectly. The Bachelor 2017 will entail plenty of drama from this 24-year-old business owner from Miami, Florida, Steve claims. She’s going to be the most detested woman by the other contestants, and the one fans will love to hate on.

Corinne Olympios, The Bachelor Contestant Goes Topless On Group Date
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On Sunday, Steve teased fans about upcoming spoilers for the show in Season 21 and revealed that in the first group date, Corinne is topless for a portion of it.

The photo below shows Olympios taking off her top while in a pool with Nick. If nothing made the other women view Corinne as a threat, this stunt might do it.

In other spoilers for The Bachelor 2017 season, Steve spilled that Corinne Olympios and Taylor Nolan will be on a 2-on-1 date with Nick Viall in New Orleans. A photo below shows Nick and Corinne kissing during the daytime portion of the date. Another image shows Corinne and Taylor sitting alone near a fire in the evening portion.

Spoilers for this date are elaborated upon in a separate Inquisitr article you can check out here.

Corinne Olympios reveals in her ABC bio that if she could be any animal, she’d like to be a cheetah because they’re “strong and fierce.” She admits that she’s had so many embarrassing moments that there are too many to count.

If Corinne doesn’t seem like a great woman to share with a man on a date as she does a few times on The Bachelor, it’s because her idea of the perfect date is “just us” having dinner at an “amazing place.”

Ironically, Corinne thinks Chicago is the most romantic U.S. city — which is where Nick used to live. She likes the city because “it has a lot of fun activities you would want to share with someone special.”

Corinne Olympios also works as a model. The Bachelor contestant has a profile page on Model Mayhem. Reality Steve blogged that there are a lot of “racy” photos of her on the internet if anyone wants to look her up!


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Corinne goes further on the show than many feel she should, but this occurs in every season of The Bachelor, and Nick’s is no different. The “villain” role serves up good television and plays to the more secret desires of the show’s lead. Some will accuse Nick of not changing his ways by keeping Corinne around if he wants to truly find love his fourth time around in the franchise. There’s going to be the same theme this season having a villain, in which the other women will caution Nick about Corinne’s true intentions and how he should steer clear of her calculating ways. Adhering to tradition, Nick won’t eliminate Corinne Olympios based on gossip coming from the other cast members and keep her around as long as possible and decide if she’s worth keeping around when he has to narrow down his options.

The Bachelor 2017 premieres on Monday, January 2, at 8 p.m., ET/PT on ABC.

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