Andi Dorfman Rooting For Nick Viall To Find Love On ‘The Bachelor’

Andi Dorfman still believes in love. The former Bachelorette star has long moved on from her rocky past with her Bachelorette boyfriend, Nick Viall, and is now rooting for him to find love as he begins his journey as The Bachelor. Andi also recently teased that she may have found someone new to begin her own journey with.

Andi Dorfman has been jet-setting all over the world with recent trips to Greece and Iceland, but she has been mum on who her travel companion has been. But last week, Dorfman captioned an Instagram pic with, “Rainy day snuggles and holiday flicks all day long.” In the photo, it appears that someone is laying next to Andi as she settles in for a holiday movie binge.

While she has been silent regarding her own love life, in an interview with Us Weekly, Andi said Nick Viall deserves to find love on his fourth go-around on a reality TV dating show.

“I think if anyone has like earned it and has been perseverance about love on TV, it’s Nick so I’m going to root for him,” Dorfman told the celebrity gossip magazine. “He’s a decent guy.”

Dorfman previously told Us that she believes her ex has good intentions despite his bad boy image on the ABC reality franchise.

“I had my ups and downs with Nick, but the thing I will say about him is I know that he is genuine in what he wants and that is love, whether or not he goes about it the way that everybody else would, ” Andi said.

“I still definitely believe that his intentions are absolutely to fall in love. So I think that’s another great characteristic that you need for a Bachelor, but we’ll see.”

Andi told Us she didn’t watch Viall or her ex-fiancé Josh Murray when they were on Bachelor in Paradise over the summer, but she did tweet a message of congratulations to Viall after his role as The Bachelor was announced in late August. In her tweet, Dorfman described her former flame as “genuine and real about wanting to find love.”

Andi Dorfman made headlines for her season of The Bachelorette, most notably after she was outed by Viall after sleeping with him in the Fantasy Suite. After Andi chose Josh Murray as her final man, Viall shocked viewers during the live After the Final Rose special when he asked her why she “made love” to him if she wasn’t in love with him.

While Andi was initially furious with her ex for bringing up their bedroom business on national TV, in her tell-all book, It’s Not Okay: Turning Heartbreak into Happily Never After, Dorfman admitted that the reason Nick called her out on the ABC special was because she had refused to talk to him beforehand.

“He was angry that he had tried to reach out to me so many times before,” Dorfman wrote. “And he felt hurt that I refused to see him.”

Viall, who has admitted that everything that Andi wrote about him in her book was true, also recently revealed that he called Dorfman out on live TV because he felt as though she wasn’t honest with him during their conversations while filming The Bachelorette.

“I’m a big believer in transparency in any type of a relationship and in life,” he told People. “When you’re going to consider spending the rest of your life with someone, you need to have some pretty transparent conversations.”

Nick recently told reporters that Dorfman reached out to him after he was named the new star of The Bachelor, but he stopped short of asking her for any dating tips.

“Andi did reach out [with] a simple text to wish me luck, and it was a very gracious text, but certainly no advice was given, and certainly no advice was asked,” he said, before admitting he had not heard from Bristowe at all.

Indeed, while Andi Dorfman has already said she will be rooting for Nick to find love, Viall’s other ex, Kaitlyn Bristowe probably won’t be watching his journey at all. In an interview with Cosmopolitan, Bristowe said it’s hard to watch the show after you have been on it because you know too much.

“Everyone who’s been on a show, you can’t watch it after because you know too much about like, behind the scenes,” the former Bachelorette star revealed. “You just know too much and it doesn’t feel that same. It’s not entertaining anymore. You actually feel pain for them.”

[Featured Image by Robin Marchant/Getty Images for Pencils of Promise]