David Puckett Missing: 6-Year-Old Boy Vanishes On New Year’s Eve, Not Dressed For Cold Winter Weather

David Puckett, just 6-years-old, is missing and was last seen in the late afternoon on New Year’s Eve. Authorities believe David may have wandered away from his home in Aurora, Colorado, about 15 miles southeast of Denver.

The clothing David was wearing when he went missing does not appear to be heavy enough for the cold winter weather currently in the region, according to the Denver Post.

Police announced that David’s parents realized he was missing at around 5:30 p.m. on Saturday, December 31. The Post reports that David attends Dartmouth Elementary school in Aurora and has voluntarily walked away from his home a couple of times before. He was located safely each time, once being found at a local store and the other time after authorities were contacted by a concerned resident in the area.

During a news conference held the Aurora Police Department, police noted it appears David left his home on his own, as they have yet to find evidence of an abduction. At this time, according to Aurora’s Chief of Police Nick Metz, David’s disappearance does not qualify for the issuance of an Amber Alert, explaining such alerts are only issued when it is believed a minor child has been abducted.

Nevertheless, Metz said three reverse 911 calls to alert around 27,000 Aurora residents have been issued.

Metz noted that because David was reportedly not wearing clothing appropriate for cold weather, they are extremely concerned about him. He added they are using a group of volunteers trained in these types of matters, have called in Jefferson County bloodhounds, and have obtained help from a Denver Police Department helicopter, the Arapahoe County search and rescue team, and the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office.

Metz said, “We know that somebody knows something…” and is asking for the public to report anything that may pertain to David, as any leads the department receives are significant. He requested that the public access social media for more information regarding David and use it to get the word out about the case to hopefully help find David.

David’s mother, Stephanie Puckett, also spoke at the news conference and could barely contain herself. Through tears, she said David is a good boy, and very energetic.

“David’s only 6-years-old… he’s about 4-feet tall. The coat he is wearing is not a very thick coat… I’m worried with how cold it is, something might really bad happen to him. And if you guys can please help me find him. If you see him, please call the police immediately. If by any chance you picked him up last night because it was New Year’s Eve and thought it would just be safe for him… please just call… Bring my baby home.”

Metz comforted Stephanie as she spoke, and further noted that the hope is David simply went to one of his friend’s homes to play video games, but also reemphasized he has a history of wandering away from home.

When asked by the media what responsibility parents have when this type of thing takes place, Metz said that in this particular case, David’s parents did the right thing, as they immediately contacted police. He added they will also have to “answer a lot of questions” because authorities want to be sure they are looking at “every potential issue that may be out there… so that will continue as we do this investigation.”

Media attending the news conference also inquired whether police had ruled out foul play in David’s case, and Metz responded with, “From everything that we can tell it appears that he [David] voluntarily left home.” He also stated that after family members, neighbors, and others are spoken to, police will determine if that remains to be the case.


According to David’s family, when he went missing he was wearing green camouflage pants, a black t-shirt, black and orange boots, and possibly a tan coat. The family indicated the coat has the appearance of female outerwear.

David is described as a white male, about 4-feet tall, around 48 pounds, with brown hair and brown eyes.

Police are urging anyone with information about David Puckett or anyone who may have spotted the 6-year-old to immediately call 911.

[Featured Image by Aurora Police Department/Facebook]

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