Jeb Bush: Obama Should Stop Blaming George Bush

Jeb Bush is striking out at Obama again, saying that blaming George Bush for America’s current problems (albeit many directly traceable to the Bush administration) is no longer a feasible campaign strategy.

Jeb Bush says that, while Obama may have been handed a mess in the way of two long wars and an ever-deepening financial crisis, it’s time to stop blaming Bush for the problems America faces nearly four years into the current administration’s run.

At a campaign stop Wednesday, Jeb Bush derided Obama for George Bush-blaming, saying:

“His entire strategy is to blame others—starting with my brother, of course … Basically, he blames every possible thing rather than having the humility to be able to reach out and to find common ground.”

Bush underscored the point in an interview with Fox, conceding that Dubya made a few mistakes but adding:

“I mean, the guy was dealt a tough hand. We got that. But in the fourth year, you should be held responsible for your actions … It’s like this constant refrain, almost as though your kid comes and says ‘the dog ate my homework,’ you know?”


Christie and Obama

Jeb Bush was also asked about President Obama’s Hurricane Sandy response, to which he deflected praise to New York City Mayor Bloomberg and New Jersey State Governor Chris Christie — both Republicans. Bush said:

“The governor is really the commander-in-chief of the response to this and the recovery efforts … I think watching on television, seeing Mayor Bloomberg and Gov. Christie, they’re doing a fine job.”

Do you think that Jeb Bush is right, or does Obama need more time to reverse the course the country embarked on prior to his election?