Clinton News: Hillary Clinton Named 2016 Person Of The Year By ‘The Guardian’

Hillary Clinton reportedly received more than 291 newspaper endorsements over the course of Election 2016. The latest Hillary Clinton news is the addition of one more endorsement to add to her list, that of 2016 Person of the Year as so named by The Guardian. The Guardian out of Nigeria started their explanation of their choice of person of the year with the phrase, “Love trumps hate.”

During a divisive campaign and election, Hillary Clinton’s numbers were always ahead of her opponent Donald Trump. Coming out of the campaign the numbers kept that trend, with the exception of where it mattered to win the presidency, the Electoral College vote. But with a 2.8 million popular vote lead, and polls that always tipped in Hillary Clinton’s favor, the numbers reflect that she was not just the most popular candidate in this election, but in elections previously.

The Washington Times reports that during Election 2016, Hillary Clinton received over 240 endorsements by newspapers alone, and Donald Trump received 19. This number is well above even President Obama, who reportedly received 99 newspaper endorsements in 2012, compared to Mitt Romney’s 105. When the New York Times did not endorse Donald Trump, they did so noting he was, “The worst nominee put forward by a major party in modern American history.”

The Guardian today reports that they have given Hillary Clinton one of the grandest endorsements of them all, and that is making more Clinton news on the first day of 2017. Hillary Clinton has been named as The Guardian‘s “2016 Person of the Year,” with The Guardian saying the following.

“Love trumps hate. Good trumps evil. Light trumps darkness. Knowledge trumps ignorance. And hope will always trump despair.”

This endorsement comes from the Nigerian newspaper The Guardian. Hillary Clinton also was a runner up for Time Magazine‘s Person of the Year. When naming her a runner up, Time Magazine said the following.

“In her 1969 commencement address to her class at Wellesley College, Clinton called politics ‘the art of making what appears to be impossible possible.’ In this, she has succeeded.”

Indeed, Hillary Clinton made news with every step of her campaign, and made history as the first woman to run for president, an act that many framers of the United States Constitution may have once considered an impossible task. She also made history by being the candidate with the most faithless electors in 100 years, among many other accomplishments.

As Time Magazine notes, it may be up to another woman to continue this effort, although as the Inquisitr previously reported, Hillary Clinton left supporters hanging on her future political plans in an end of the year email.

But for The Guardian in Nigeria, who has named her the 2016 Person of the Year, it was her values and her decades of service to families, and Clinton’s ability to rise above the fray with an “uncommon dignity” in a divisive campaign that garnered her this endorsement of 2016 Person of the Year. The Guardian notes her opponent was a “skyscraper of empty promises” and had a unique “definition of the truth.”

The Guardian also noted Hillary Clinton’s political accomplishments spanned her entire life, and that she had been campaigning for the presidency her entire adult life. Even as an undergraduate law student, Hillary Clinton volunteered with women and children, a theme that she ran her presidential campaign on decades later.

The Guardian notes that Clinton’s “uncommon dignity” starkly contrasted with Donald Trump who they say, “successfully insulted his way to the White House.” They also called Hillary Clinton “cerebral” and hardworking, and described her as the kind of woman that every American woman should be. Her tenacity to withstand scrutiny and pressure with grace was also listed as a prevailing reason for The Guardian‘s 2016 Person of the Year selection.

“Her tenacity in public and in private lives is the stuff of legends. She endured humiliation of a troubled marriage, steeled her heart to save it. In the campaigns, she was held to standards sometimes humanly but certainly manly impossible to meet.”

The Guardian made more Clinton news for Hillary Clinton today, noting that her lifelong “glittering accomplishments” would not be darkened by the Electoral College loss. They named her 2016 Person of the Year for being a woman of grace, giving a life of service, and for making history as a woman to “get that close to the American presidency, for standing out among men and women, for standing up for her beliefs, and standing against the dark forces of discrimination and oppression.”

She was also referred to as an “inspirational force” for women all over the world. For that reason, Dr. Tony Okeregbe of the Editorial Board of The Guardian approved the first Clinton news of 2017, that Hillary Clinton was The Guardian’s 2016 Person of the Year.

[Feature Image by Matt Rourke/AP Images]