‘Pokemon GO’: No Evolved And Regional Pokemon Hatching From Eggs After Update

Have you been hatching Pikachus, Tauros, and Magmars from your Pokemon GO eggs before? Well it looks like your happy days are over.

The last December 12 update has been one of the most anticipated updates in Pokemon GO, months after its release. In fact, prior to the December 12 Pokemon GO update, a huge chunk of the Pokemon GO-playing community were already on high alert after bearing witness to the abundant leak of mined data before the actual announcement by Niantic, Inquisitr previously reported.

To refresh your memory, the December 12 Pokemon GO update introduced baby Pokemon, which includes Pichu, Togepi, Smoochum, Igglybuff, Tyrogue, Magby, and Elekid. As explained by the update announcement by Niantic, these new baby Pokemon can only be acquired by hatching them from eggs. Little did we know that that would mean that this marks the era when the only Pokemon we will be hatching from eggs are these baby Pokemon.

Technically, it’s baby Pokemon who should be hatching from eggs. In what world do eggs hatch anything else other than babies, anyway? But in a competitive game like Pokemon GO, you want every advantage that you can get, even if that means the notion of hatching grownups from eggs.

However, Mic reports that Pokemon GO is going back to its roots. Apparently, after the December 12 Pokemon GO update, no trainer has yet to hatch evolved versions of the new baby Pokemon, unlike before. This news comes after a research published on The Silph Road to test whether Niantic has really ceased production of Pokemon GO eggs that give evolved Pokemon. In fact, it’s not just evolved baby Pokemon that we’re missing. Regional Pokemon that once could be hatched from eggs, couldn’t be hatched anymore. The Silph Road research concluded the following.

“After collecting 1,621 eggs since the baby update, two findings have emerged:
1. No Silph Researcher has hatched an evolved form of a baby Pokemon after December 12th.
2. No Silph Researcher has hatched any regional Pokemon during this study.”

The research then goes to explain the measures taken before the experiment was started to be able to produce sufficient proof that indeed no Pokemon in their evolved form or region-specific could be hatched from eggs following the update.

“Research on the species hatch rates began after Niantic announced that Pidgey and Rattata no longer hatch from 2km eggs. Every researcher was required to flush their whole egg collection before beginning (to prevent ‘old’ eggs confounding findings).

“This research was only midway when Niantic announced that seven new baby Pokemon species would hatch from eggs. This change has unknown consequences to the distribution of hatched Pokemon – it was therefore necessary that every researcher complete a second ‘flush’ of their egg collection before starting to gather new data. This was done to ensure data integrity.”

To compare the egg hatches from before and after December 12, the team tested 2,490 eggs hatched between Halloween and December 12 and the result yielded 10 Magmar, 14 Clefairy, 33 Jigglypuff, 18 Jinx, 13 Electabuzz, and 36 Pikachu. These specific evolved Pokemon were the ones who had a baby Pokemon released in December 12.

In contrary to this data, after the introduction of baby Pokemon after the December 12 Pokemon GO, the researchers were able to test 1,621 eggs and were able to hatch 21 Magby, 14, Cleffa, 30 Igglybuff, 18 Smoochum, eight Elekid, 32 Pichu, and 21 Togepi.

In conclusion, from the 1,621 eggs they tested, not a single evolved version of the new baby Pokemon were hatched, nor were regional Pokemon spotted either. No Farfetch’d, Kangaskhan, Mr. Mime, and Tauros were hatched from both the pre-December 12 update and the post-December 12 update eggs.

This is interesting news since some Pokemon GO users reported via The Silph Road subreddit that they were able to hatch regional-specific Pokemon before like Tauros. No matter, it’s either the odds have been altered to drastically decrease the regional Pokemon hatch rate or they have been removed completely.

Which Pokemon have you been hatching from your 10k eggs? Are you getting your Pokemon GO on this Christmas update, too?

[Featured Image by pim pic/Shutterstock.com]