River Phoenix Film May Soon Hit Theaters

A new River Phoenix film may soon find its way into theaters.

Dark Blood, which started filming in 1993, has finally been completed, and Danish director George Sluizer is now looking for distribution. Sluizer said that he’s received a few dozen offers from theaters, but he wants to secure a larger release for Phoenix’s final film.

According to People Magazine, the movie was about 80 percent completed at the time of Phoenix’s death. Sluizer completed the film earlier this year and has already shown it at the Netherlands Film Festival.

Sluizer said:

“It’s a complete film. It’s not pieces stuck together. It has a beginning and it goes up to the end, like it should.”

Variety reports that Sluizer fills in the missing wholes by using a voice over. The magazine writes that the film is a “surprisingly coherent vision of a decidedly oddball story.”

Dark Blood tell the story of a young boy living by himself next to a nuclear testing site. Boy, played by Phoenix, runs into a stranded couple on their honeymoon.

Variety writes in its review of the movie:

“Phoenix exerts a suitably charismatic and commanding air in his final role, making Boy a complex, fully mature character.”

Phoenix, who starred in movies like Stand By Me, My Private Idaho, and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade during his short career, was nominated for an Oscar in 1988 for Running On Empty. He passed away on Halloween from a drug overdose at the Viper Room in Los Angeles in 1993.


Here’s a scene from Dark Blood.

Here’s the trailer.

Are you interested in River Phoenix last film? Do you hope Dark Blood gets a wide release?