March 1, 2017
Is Hardy Boyz WWE Return Off? 'Broken' Matt Hardy Hints At Joining NJPW Instead

Will The Hardy Boyz make their WWE return as rumored, or will they take their talents elsewhere? There are tons of rumors suggesting Matt and Jeff Hardy will be heading back to WWE now that they have chosen not to re-sign with TNA. But the latest tweet from "Broken" Matt suggests that he and "Brother Nero" may have another major wrestling promotion in mind — New Japan Pro Wrestling.

It may come as a surprise to some fans, but The Hardy Boyz, as they were known in WWE, had first worked for the company almost two and a half decades ago. In 1993, Matt was just 19 and Jeff even younger at 16, but the two had worked as jobbers, taking the loss for WWE's big stars on television. A few years later, with their hair much longer and their high-flying moves taking center stage, they got their first big push and haven't looked back since then.

According to a report from Wrestling Inc., Matt and Jeff Hardy are now free agents as of today, and they are expected to be turning in their TNA Tag Team Championships to their old company, instead of dropping them to an opponent as they had suggested beforehand. But while the main gossip surrounding the brothers appears to point to a Hardy Boyz WWE return, Wrestling Inc. opined that based on Matt's latest tweet to NJPW star Kenny Omega, the veteran tag team may instead be favoring a job with New Japan, should an offer be made.

"Did someone say MAGIC?

Myself & the NEFARIOUS #BrotherNero have eyes on The ELITE & The New Wrestling in Japan.

We'll see you all soon."

This does point to a possible change of plans, or what the two brothers from Cameron, North Carolina, may have had in mind all along. The Young Bucks, who were tagged in Kenny Omega's original tweet, are longtime rivals to the Hardys, and Cageside Seats wrote in December that they had re-signed with Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling, which means they won't be joining the WWE's fold anytime soon.

It's worth mentioning that Matt and Jeff Hardy, as The Broken Hardys, have a match scheduled at ROH, where they shall be taking on The Young Bucks, or as Matt so distinctively calls them, the "Bucks of Youth." According to F4WOnline, this match will be taking place at ROH's Supercard of Honor event on April 1. That takes place during WrestleMania weekend, and it's one of the brothers' scheduled bookings in the last month so far they've committed to doing independent shows.

The NJPW-related tweet had also come a few hours after "Broken" Matt Hardy had retweeted an old post from WWE Champion Bray Wyatt, which the Inquisitr wrote could be another hint of a Hardy Boyz WWE return. The Inquisitr added that this could have been Matt's way of referencing Tuesday night's big angle on SmackDown Live, where erstwhile Wyatt ally Randy Orton had turned face and burned down the Wyatt Family compound, possibly suggesting that their WrestleMania 33 match will be taking place after all. Still, it's one of many nods the Hardys have made to WWE since the run-up to their TNA release.

Of course, the new tweets could all be Matt Hardy's way of shouting out to other major wrestling companies that aren't called TNA, and a Hardy Boyz WWE return could still be in the cards. But with WWE boasting of such a stacked roster, as well as the possibility that they might not be asked to reprise their popular TNA gimmick, we shouldn't be surprised if Matt and Jeff Hardy instead head to New Japan Pro Wrestling, where they can continue feuding with The Young Bucks and, by proxy, their onscreen ally and real-life friend Kenny Omega.

[Featured Image by TNA Impact Wrestling]