Donald Trump Desperately Tries To Cling To Obama Hoax Publicity, Whines After POTUS ‘Misses Deadline’ [Video]

Donald Trump has, despite the massive devastation and dozens of deaths wrought by Hurricane Sandy, pressed ahead with his attempt to get as much press as possible and make President Obama dance to his tune by digging up old school records and his passport application five days before the election.

As much of Donald Trump’s home city of New York struggles with the expensive rebuilding effort following Sandy, Trump has callously continued dangling $5 million in charity — money that is sorely needed by disaster stricken New Yorkers — over everyone’s heads, demanding that the President, who is black, once again prove that he is legitimately holding the office of POTUS.

About an hour ago, Trump fumed on Twitter that Obama had tended to the suffering victims of Sandy rather than jump through hoops to satisfy the racist insinuations made by a single man in New York.

And now, the Apprentice star has gone on Facebook and posted a press release about his $5 million publicity hoax, condemning the president for dealing with the Sandy aftermath rather than his bratty demands.

Trump tweeted:

The mogul added:


Reaction to Trump’s continued whining has been almost universally negative with one Facebook user commenting:

As a DIE HARD Republican I am even appalled by how Mr. Trump is acting. You are sickening and and you make the GOP look like a bunch of bigots! You need to re-think your entire strategy in life!

Below is an image and video of Trump’s press release after President Obama “missed the deadline” he had no obligation to meet. Do you think it’s time we make a concerted effort to ignore Donald Trump once and for all?

donald trump press release obama missed deadline