Kim Kardashian: How She’s Allegedly Handling Kanye West Divorce Speculation With ‘KUWTK’ Family

In the midst of ongoing divorce rumors concerning Kim Kardashian’s marriage to Kanye West, the reality star is doing everything she can to protect her family from all of the speculation.

Kim is said to have had a hard time adjusting to her normal life following the scary events that took place in October when Kardashian was reportedly held at gunpoint at her apartment in Paris during Fashion Week.

The 36-year-old told pals that she feared for her life as the group of disguised French men demanded Kim Kardashian to hand over all of her personal belongings, including the $7 million wedding ring she had been gifted by her husband, Kanye West.

Kim Kardashian: How She's Handling Kanye West Divorce Speculation With 'KUWTK' Family
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Weeks after the traumatic incident, Kim’s marriage with Kanye began to experience its own whirling, with reports claiming that the couple was constantly feuding and that Kardashian allegedly didn’t feel as if the rapper was supporting her enough after the robbery case.

Since then, endless news outlets have been speculating on whether Kim is readying up divorce papers to separate herself from Kanye, especially after the “Stronger” hitmaker suffered his sudden meltdown that led to his hospitalization earlier this month.

With his ongoing rants about some of Kim Kardashian’s closest friends, to his public support for Donald Trump, the TV star has desperately tried to keep her marriage intact, sources reveal, and in the midst of all the divorce drama, Kim wants nothing more than her children to be protected from all the speculation.

A source tells Hollywood Life that Kardashian is trying her best by keeping Saint and North far away from anything and anyone that could give them the impression mom and dad are breaking up.

Even with the supposed fact that Kim Kardashian still hasn’t quite managed to shake off the Paris robbery incident, the socialite is refusing to show weakness in front of her two kids, attending playdates with them and even having them stay over at Kourtney’s house for sleepovers with their cousins.

“Kim is keeping the kids busy with family and healthy activities, hoping they will remain happy and entertained,” a source tells the outlet. “North and her brother routinely go over to aunt Kourtney [Kardashian’s] for play dates with Penelope and their other cousins.”

“She has North attending dance classes to distract her from the drama Kim is extra careful when discussing adult issues with Kanye. She either makes sure this kids are out of the house, off doing fun activities, or at least not in the same room.”

Recent reports have claimed that Kim Kardashian and Kanye have been anything but happy in their marriage — the twosome have allegedly been bickering non-stop and it’s beginning to worry their friends and family.

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Us Weekly insinuated that Kim could potentially be filing for divorce sooner than fans would expect. The reality star has been stressed out with Kanye’s antics, and his hospitalization in the midst of her own struggle to deal with the Paris incident has really overwhelmed her.

The rapper was not expected to attend Kris Jenner’s Christmas party last week, it was claimed, but for the sake of attempting to play up to the happy family image, Kanye stayed for a couple of photos before exiting to watch a movie with his pals at a nearby cinema.

A source for Hollywood Life continues, “She [Kim] doesn’t want her kids hearing any of her and Kanye’s stressful discussion, which lately, there have been plenty of.”

It’s currently unclear as to how Kim Kardashian plans to move forward with all the drama she’s found herself in as of late. Her marriage is supposedly collapsing, she’s still dealing with the traumatic robbery ordeal, all while trying to protect her children from speculation that their parents are headed for a divorce.

What do you think? Is Kim Kardashian going to divorce Kanye?

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