December 31, 2016
Drake, Jennifer Lopez Dating: J. Lo Allegedly Meeting Rapper's Parents -- Romance Gets Serious [Rumor]

Drake and Jennifer Lopez's alleged romance is kicking off to a great start, with new reports claiming that the rapper is already planning to introduce the former American Idol judge to his parents.

The twosome caused endless headlines earlier this week when Drake posted a photo of himself cuddling with Jennifer, which seemingly confirmed the initial rumor that the twosome were secretly dating. After the 30-year-old posted the photo, fans were sure that the Hollywood item had made it official.

More confirmation regarding Drake's romance with J. Lo comes from Hollywood Life, claiming that the "One Dance" hitmaker is head over heels in love with the mother-of-two and is planning to move forward with their romance by eventually organizing a get-together with Jennifer and his parents.

Drake, Jennifer Lopez Dating: J. Lo To Meet Rapper's Parents -- Romance Gets Serious [Rumor]
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A source for the outlet claims that Drake is very respectful with the women he brings home — especially since he has such a good relationship with his mother, Sandy. The insider adds that Drizzy would never introduce someone to his mother if he didn't see himself having a potential future with that particular person.

Drake and Lopez have been inseparable since the beginning of the month when Drake went ahead and caught one of Jennifer's "All I Have" shows at her residency in Las Vegas — he loved it so much that he came back two days later, Billboard notes.

And while fans didn't make anything of Drake's sudden decision to spend so much time with Jennifer Lopez, the photos that were surfacing online of the twosome together backstage were strongly hinting that the 47-year-old was certainly more than just a friend to the Grammy winner.

"She must have put her spell on Drake because like the mommas boy he his, he told Sandy he feels she could be the one," a source tells Hollywood Life, claiming that Drake has been gushing about his new-found love with Jennifer to his mother non-stop.

"Drake said he gets gitty and has this warm feeling in his stomach every time he's with her. He told mom he's never smiled as much in his life as he does when he's with Jennifer," the insider continued to add.

"The best part – he told his mother he respects her so much and wants more than just a sexual relationship with her. Drake ain't never said nothing like this about any woman and his mom has certainly given J.Lo her stamp of approval."

Drake, Jennifer Lopez Dating: J. Lo To Meet Rapper's Parents -- Romance Gets Serious [Rumor]
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As the source already mentions, Sandy seems to think that Jennifer is the right woman for Drake. While she has yet to meet the "Booty" singer, from the impression that her son has given her, Jennifer sounds like the most nurturing person Drake has ever dated — and that's exactly what she wants for her son.

Drake's supposed conversation with his mother about his strong bond with Lopez comes just two months after the rapper was forced to call it quits with his ex-girlfriend, Rihanna, who decided to unfollow Lopez from her Instagram earlier this week.

According to Just Jared, Rihanna isn't too happy about Drake's new romance — the two reportedly ended their relationship on a bad note, and to make matters worse, Rih-Rih considered Jennifer a close pal of hers.

Now that Lopez is said to be dating Drake, however, it seems as if their friendship is over, and Rihanna somewhat confirmed this by unfollowing J. Lo from her Instagram account.

What do you make of Drake's new romance with Jennifer Lopez? Do you think the duo will last, and what are your thoughts on Rihanna deciding to distance herself from her former pal via social media?

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