J-Lo And Drake Dating: Is Their New Relationship All A Hoax?

When the news first got out that J-Lo and Drake were dating, the Internet was abuzz with speculation, comments, and suggestions about the latest “hot” relationship. Now, reports are suggesting that the J-Lo and Drake dating rumors are all just a ruse!

That’s the word from The Daily Beast, who have reported that the rumors about J-Lo and Drake dating stem from Drake wanting to get revenge on music mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs. Two years ago, Drake and Diddy had a huge falling out over a contract that caused much controversy in the blog-osphere, because it ended with Diddy socking Drake in the face. The Daily Beast is suggesting, then, that this is Wheelchair Jimmy’s way of getting even with the hip-hop mogul. Since it’s no secret that Diddy is still deeply in love with J-Lo — and according to some reports, the two are still friends — what better way for Drake to get under his skin than by snatching the girl he loves?

But according to Hollywood Life, the real reason that J-Lo and Drake are dating is because they, simply, love each other. The outlet spoke to someone very close to the J-Lo and Drake camp, and they confirmed that J-Lo and Drake originally were just friends, and went into the studio to work together. But as they began working together, and spending time together, the couple fell in love.

And when Rihanna dumped Drake after their brief relationship, it was the perfect opportunity for J-Lo to make her move.

“They spent hours and hours talking — talking about everything until the wee hours of the morning. That’s when Jennifer started to look at Drake differently. She saw this vulnerable, tender side to him that made her heart melt. Drake is very charming. He treats Jen with a lot of respect. He likes that she’s older and more mature. He thinks she’s the sexiest woman he’s ever been with and is completely infatuated with her.”

But not everyone is taking the news of J-Lo and Drake dating well. In fact, there are some people who are enraged at the fact that the two musicians are an item.

According to Spin Magazine, Funkmaster Flex — a legendary New York DJ who, during his tenure at Hot 97, helped define the hip-hop culture — and syndicated radio personality Charlemagne tha God both took to their Twitter accounts to lash out at Jennifer Lopez, calling her “old” and “washed up,” and reducing her decades-long career to a footnote.

Funkmaster Flex kicked off the insults.

Charlemagne then egged Flex on.

Brian Josephs of Spin summarized it perfectly when he called them “petty.”

“Lopez—Grammy nominee, international icon, singer of numerous chart-topping hits—has ‘vintage v—-a,’ according to Charlamagne, who reduced a decades-long, successful career of a woman by using the language you’d deploy to describe a car. Flex, meanwhile, used the photo to point at the beef between Drake and Diddy, as if Lopez is not able to make decisions of her own, and is rather a symbolic trophy of some kind. Truly embarrassing for both radio personalities.”

Do you believe that J-Lo and Drake are dating for real, or do you think that their relationship is all a ploy?

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