Tina Knowles Takes A Break From Social Media After She Gets Into Unintentional Fight With Jennifer Hudson

Beyonce’s mom found herself in some hot water after she clicked “like” on a hater’s comment. Tina Knowles was scrolling through Instagram when she came across a video of her daughter and Jennifer Hudson singing a Dreamgirls song. While watching the video and looking at the photos, the 62-year-old Knowles liked a comment that said Jennifer sounded awful. And fans took it from there.

E! News reported on the drama, saying Tina didn’t mean to like the comment that stated “Jhud sounds horrible.” The site said Tina got so much negative backlash from fans that she decided to take a break from social media altogether.

“Following a backlash from fans, Tina took to Instagram to post a lighthearted video of her and a man commenting on a California sunset and a long explanation of her controversial Instagram “like,” which she signaled was made accidentally.”

Tina Knowles starts unintentional fight with Jennifer Hudson, takes break from social media
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Knowles took to Instagram to clear the air and announce she will be taking a break from social media after seeing the negative side of it.

“I am writing this commentary for Jennifer Hudson and not for the evil mean people that are making this into a social media ugly thing.”

She posted a video of a sunset as she and a male friend talk about how beautiful it is. Tina then launches into a lengthy explanation of what happened, which included her saying she would never say anything negative about her good friend Jennifer.

“I’ve known Jennifer Hudson for many years and have totally been in admiration of her talent and beauty and kindness I would never ever say anything negative about her or agree with anything negative!”

In true mom fashion, Tina said her daughters, Beyonce and Solange, had both warned her to be careful when using social media as she’s not the best at it. While she may not have taken their advice then, she certainly is now that she’s seen just why they were warning her.

Tina Knowles starts unintentional fight with Jennifer Hudson, takes break from social media
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“My children worried that I might accidentally touch something when looking at other sites and have warned me about it. They always say that I am not that great on social media I have to be very careful.”

Knowles went on to say she didn’t even read the comments until after the drama started and would definitely not have liked or disliked any replies on the site in question. She encouraged people to look through her Instagram to see what a positive person she is as she states she would never post or say anything negative. Knowles then apologized to Hudson as she said she admires the singer.

“I think if you look through my Instagram you’ll see that I am not a hater and I am not negative about people so to Jennifer for my mistake of accidentally touching it which I don’t remember doing I really apologize I totally love and Admire you.”

Tina then says she would have to be “pretty stupid” to like something negative as it would be everywhere, and after seeing the “bad side” of social media, she would be taking a break. The Shade Room posted the evidence on its Instagram as well, saying “Oh hey #TinaKnowlesLawson Slip of the finger?”

Oh hey #TinaKnowlesLawson ???? Slip of the finger?

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Fans took to defending Tina as they said she has no reason to hate anyone and is truly apologetic about the mistake.

“Beyoncé mother has no reason to hate anyone… she( I feel) is sincerely sorry it’s sad social media is out of control.”

Indeed, Tina seems to only post uplifting videos and images to her Instagram, and fans said they will be eager for her return.

“We love you and look forward to your return..”

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