Bristol Palin Excoriates Musicians For Declining To Perform At Donald Trump’s Inauguration

Bristol Palin is livid that a litany of A-list celebrities has declined to perform at Donald Trump’s inauguration. Sarah Palin’s daughter, a supporter of the president-elect, like her mom, Sarah Palin, blasted a number of artists for snubbing the real estate mogul-turned-politician, this according to a Fox News report.

Palin, 26, doesn’t headline the news often, but when she does, the reality television star and public speaker trends on social media outlets and gets the attention supporters and critics — especially when the word, “sissies” comes out of her mouth — or in this case, her Patheos blog.

On Wednesday, Bristol penned a post, “11 A-list artists that refused to perform at Donald Trump’s inauguration” and struck a chord with online readers. Apparently, Trump’s transition team invited popular artists to help usher in a change of leadership in the Oval Office, but most — if not all — have cited various reasons for passing.

Palin called out the “sissies” skipping the ceremony in Washington over what she claims is a “fear of backlash or to stand against him (Trump) politically.”

“If Donald Trump were still just a regular old billionaire and threw a party at Trump Tower in New York City, celebrities would be lined up out the door, and the most famous artists would be pining for a chance to perform. But because he will be inaugurated as the next Republican president in January, these same mega-celebrities, who would normally drool over an invitation to sing for the president, want no part of it.”

In her post, Palin named the list of celebrities [so far] declining the invitation: Celine Dion, KISS, Aretha Franklin, Garth Brooks, David Foster, Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, Elton John, The Chainsmokers, Andrea Bocelli, Justin Timberlake. Perry was a vocal and ubiquitous supporter of Hillary Clinton during her campaign. However, Trump has demonstrated bipartisanship by reaching out to Clinton supporters and offering olive branches to former adversaries, like Mitt Romney and Ted Cruz.

“Isn’t it amazing how ‘not cool’ it is to be conservative in the public eye? Either Hollywood is that far off – or we have so many sissies we have [sic] in the spot light [sic] too scared to stand for what they believe in!” Palin continued.

On a brighter note, one soon-to-be A-lister is reaping the rewards of a shunned Trump. Bristol said it best.

“But this is what’s great about America; You’re allowed to say no. And these A-listers declining the invitation has opened up a chance for someone who really needs it.”

Remember Jackie Evancho from America’s Got Talent? Six years ago, the classical music wunderkind placed second in the competition and hasn’t looked back ever since. She sang for President Barack Obama at the Annual Christmas Tree Lighting on the White House Lawn and released a string of hits, according to a Today report.

The Pennsylvania native met Donald Trump at his Florida resort recently and posed for pictures. Thanks to several invited singers’ supposed snub of Trump, the talented teenager will have her moment on the big stage again. She’s singing the Star Spangled Banner on the day Trump is sworn in as the 45th President of the United States of America.

Although she’s largely unknown, compared to the likes of Celine, Elton, Kiss, and others, Evancho has this to boast about: she’s the youngest artist ever to earn a platinum hit. The “Apocalypse” singer says she’s excited about the event and thinks the opportunity is “awesome.”

The Rockettes and Mormon Tabernacle Choir are also on tap to perform at the Jan. 20, 2017 ceremony.

Was Bristol Palin right to denigrate the celebrities that turned down invitations to perform for President-elect Trump or was her harsh criticism unwarranted?

[Featured Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]