Police: Florida Woman Punched Boyfriend For Kissing Her Mom

A Florida woman has been jailed after police in Hernando County say she assaulted her former boyfriend. Palm Beach Post reports that 19-year-old Breauna Bolton faces charges after the bizarre incident, which also involved her own mother.

Police responded to a residence on Tuesday to find that an unnamed man had been injured in an apparent assault. It was at the scene of the incident that the 19-year-old Florida woman came clean quickly about what happened. She reportedly told authorities that the injured man was her former boyfriend, and they had only recently ended their relationship after dating for nearly two years. She claimed that she witnessed, through a window, her own mother sitting on the man’s lap while kissing him.

This reportedly threw Breauna Bolton into a rage, which led to her knocking her former boyfriend over a chair while punching him in the back of the head. The Florida man suffered only minor injuries in the alleged assault, including redness to the back of his head and a mark on his arm. These injuries corroborated with the admission made by the woman, which led to her arrest.

The state of Florida is no stranger to bizarre stories, such as the one above, out of Hernando County. In fact, the number of bizarre crime stories coming out of the Sunshine State has earned it tags on social media, including #FloridaMan and #FloridaWoman. There are even true crime shows on Investigation Discovery, which directly highlight the weird crimes that come out of the state of Florida.

One bizarre assault out of the Sunshine State took place earlier this year. The Inquisitr reports that 34-year-old Jennifer Ferguson violently assaulted her boyfriend after he refused to have sex with her. Apparently, after a night of heavy drinking, her 32-year-old boyfriend just didn’t feel like it. This made the Florida woman so angry that she allegedly kicked the man in the face, while he laid in bed.

Last year, another Florida woman was jailed after she allegedly attacked her former husband. New York Daily News reports that 45-year-old Wendy Luper got into a fight with the man after the two of them couldn’t agree on a sex position to use while having a quick romp. The two were parked at a public storage unit at the time of the incident. While Luper’s lover wanted her to lay down, she was not interested in his chosen position, which caused the entire incident to unfold into a violent domestic squabble.

Also recently, another Florida woman was arrested, after she reportedly attacked her boyfriend for a really strange reason. The Daily Mail reports that 32-year-old Crystal Garlin cut the man with a knife during an argument, because she was mad that he didn’t get her a gift for her 32nd birthday. The Florida woman reportedly wanted to get her nail and hairs done, but her boyfriend wasn’t going to pay for it.

As for this latest case, Breauna Bolton has been charged with domestic battery. She’s being held in Hernando County Jail in association with the incident. Reports aren’t indicating whether or not she’s being held on bail.

[Featured Image by Hernando County Jail]