UFO Disclosure: Three Reasons Complete Disclosure Could Happen In 2017

UFO disclosure advocates began 2016 in the same position as most years, fighting an uphill battle to get the government to disclose what it knows about UFO phenomena. By May, hopes were rising that complete UFO disclosure by 2017 could be a real possibility, as a candidate from a major political party, Hillary Clinton, was profiled about disclosure with the New York Times. At the end of the year, many are dismayed with the loss of what appeared to be a golden opportunity.

As noted here in the Inquisitr, the election of Donald Trump may well ensure UFO disclosure in the near future, whether or not that is his intent. And there are no guarantees Mrs. Clinton would have been able to disclose anything, as she added the proviso that she would only disclose anything not related to national security. But the brief return to the headlines is fading, so what hope is there for complete UFO disclosure soon?

Could Donald Trump’s space plans ensure disclosure? [Image by Mark Wilson/Getty Images]

Well, to classify the first option as hopeful wouldn’t work. That is because not many people hope for war, but war might be a certain way for UFO disclosure to occur. In spite of the certainty of mutually assured destruction, humans have not lost the stomach for violence. Would a world war spark contact with the UFOs and aliens?

In this scenario of complete UFO disclosure, an alien ship could arrive in a way that ensured that it was witnessed by masses. Whether they came as messengers of peace, or more likely as the exterminators to clean up the hornet’s nest, with human advances in communication the world would achieve disclosure, official or not. As frightening as this possibility may be, it may be on the agenda for 2017.

The second option for complete UFO disclosure is more whimsical, but certainly less dire than the first. 2017 is the 70th anniversary of both the Kenneth Arnold “flying saucer” sighting and the Roswell misunderstanding for which the evidence seems to get softer with each passing year. That will translate into plenty of media coverage, and a raised awareness about UFOs. What makes that a potential treasure for UFO researchers is that more people will be paying attention.


Perhaps that one “smoking gun” piece of evidence is sitting in someone’s attic. Maybe that person remembers how grandpa never will forget that time that he went to recover an acorn-shaped metal box UFO in Western Pennsylvania. Maybe that person goes rummaging through grandpa’s old stuff that was left up there after he passed and finds “the” picture of a UFO. Maybe a government spokesperson slips up answering questions about an old case and spills the details on something new and different. Crazier things have happened, and when the UFO anniversary events coverage begins, who knows what might happen?

The point is that any time UFO coverage goes to a national level, the UFO disclosure movement has the opportunity to educate the wider public. This is an opportunity to embrace the challenge to state the case for disclosure. Some may view it more as a commercial feeding frenzy, but what does that mean? So is the Super Bowl in American football, which also draws a billion or so viewers each year. How nice would it be to have an audience that big for just 30 minutes to explain why complete UFO disclosure matters?

Could NASA’s new Webb Space Telescope spot a UFO or signs of alien life? [Image by Alex Wong/Getty Images]

Finally, one should never rule out the ever-present possibility of contact from sentient beings through programs like the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI). One unmistakable radio telescope captured signal could completely set the UFO research world into a frenzy of excitement. Really, any type of contact along the frontiers of human scientific exploration would do the trick.

While any, or none of these scenarios could occur in 2017, the idea is that UFO disclosure advocates have no reason to be pessimistic. It would be closer to the truth to suggest that those people who really would like to see UFO disclosure happen should utilize the big anniversaries in the coming year to discuss how far UFO research has come, and what lies ahead to a wider audience. One never knows when a difference maker will be listening.

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