Joseline Hernandez Gives Birth To Baby Bonnie Bella, Stevie J Shares The News On Twitter

It looks like Joseline Hernandez’s baby girl came a little bit early. The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star wasn’t due to give birth until January 9, but according to a recent tweet from baby daddy Stevie J, baby Bonnie Bella is here and she is beautiful.

Aside from Stevie’s tweet, not much else is known about the birth of Bonnie Bella. Fans want to know if Joseline had a c-section or if she had a natural birth. Fans are also asking how much the baby weighs. And of course, we all really want to see a picture of the newborn baby girl. Details of Joseline’s natural birth have been coming in slowly but LHHATL fans want to know every detail of Bonnie Bella’s entrance.

Joseline has been filming the major events in her pregnancy to share with fans via a VH1 delivery special. Considering that neither Joseline nor VH1 want to spill the beans on what is coming up on her solo gig, we can expect a lot of details about Bonnie Bella’s birth to be kept under wraps so they can be unveiled when Joseline’s show airs. Considering that she had her baby today, the delivery special should follow soon after. It would be hard to keep a lot of the birth details quiet for two more weeks while we wait for Joseline Hernandez’s due date.

As far as how Stevie J and Joseline are getting along, right now there’s really no telling. Stevie is obviously over the moon in love with his newest daughter but that won’t take away the insane drama that has plagued his relationship with her mom.

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As the congratulations pour in, it looks like Joseline Hernandez has at least confirmed that she did give birth to her baby girl today. VH1 shared Joseline’s recent Instagram post announcing the good news along with a few tweets from the Puerto Rican princess when she started having contractions.

It all started when Joseline tweeted, “This b****h think she bad…that’s all you got hoe…#Contractions fight the fight she ain’t got enough 4 me come thru hoe.”

Clearly, Joseline wasn’t fully in labor when she posted that but even VH1 wondered out loud if she was talking to her newborn with that language. The beginning contractions aren’t that bad and the first-time mom probably didn’t know how much worse they could get before it all gets better.

In her Instagram video, Joseline was giving shoutouts to everyone including her production team and VH1, who have been following her around for weeks now to get footage for the upcoming delivery special. She also made sure that everyone knew she did not have an epidural as she showed off the room where baby Bonnie Bella was born.

Stevie J tweeted about how beautiful his new baby girl is, so it’s pretty clear that he’s seen her. That may not seem surprising but just last week, the Inquisitr reported that Joseline Hernandez had filed paperwork to keep Stevie out of the delivery room when she gave birth. She even had a note from her doctor claiming that the stress that would be added by Stevie’s presence wouldn’t be good for the baby.

Joseline Hernandez Gives Birth To Baby Bonnie Bella, Stevie J Shares The News On Twitter
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Joseline’s request to have Stevie stay out of the delivery room was in response to his filing requesting that both Joseline and baby Bonnie Bella be drug tested as soon as the baby was born. It’s unclear if the baby really will be tested now that she’s here but Stevie maintained that he believed Joseline was still drinking and using drugs while she was pregnant with her newborn daughter.

It was definitely a dramatic nine months but now baby Bonnie Bella is here. No one can be more excited about the baby’s birth than Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J, but their fans have been waiting for this for a long time. Hopefully, the former Love & Hip Hop Atlanta couple can enjoy their new daughter without more drama, at least for a little while.

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