Melania Trump’s Hair Is Styled To Make Her Seem ‘More Approachable,’ Will She Opt For A Shorter Bob As First Lady?

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The long, silky tresses of Melania Trump’s hair is one of her elegant trademark styles. Parted in the middle with a honey-brunette tone, the future first lady’s hair is undeniably one of her many enviable assets. Melania’s fashion has been a hot topic since her husband became president-elect. A handful of fashion designers have openly refused to ever dress the incoming first lady based on Donald Trump’s views and what he represents. Not much has been reported on about her hair, but that may soon change.

Melania Trump’s hair is typically seen straight with a slight wave and centered part. According to her hairstylist, Mordechai Alvow, the look was created to have a more “approachable” look. He spoke with the Telegraph to talk more in-depth about Melania Trump’s hair.

“We wanted a constant that allowed America to get to know her in a certain way. She wanted to look approachable,” Alvow said. “We also wanted her to be comfortable and show the public who she really is.”

The Israeli-born hairstylist met Melania nine years ago at a photo shoot for Japanese Vogue. They hit it off immediately and have been working together ever since. Alvow styled Melania’s sleek tresses during the presidential campaign as well.

Will Melania Trump change her hair when she’s officially the first lady? Alvow says the both of them have talked about it.

“We have discussed cutting a little off of the ends to modernize her look and work with her fashion, which leans towards classic and feminine tailoring,” Alvow shared. “We have also experimented with both more classic and tougher looks, incorporating smooth and messy textures. I hope we are going to have fun with it, and I think we will.”

Melania Trump's Hair
Melania Trump's hair used to have much darker hue. This photo was taken in 2003. [Image by Steven Henry/Getty Images]Featured image credit: Steven HenryGetty Images

What styles can people expect from Melania’s hair? Will she try the bob look? According to Alvow, Melania is going to pass.

“She likes her hair on the longer side. When I told her not to go for a bob, she laughed and agreed it wasn’t for her,” said Alvow. “We have cut and shaped the hair around her face to highlight her cheekbones, but I think this is as short as she would go.”

Whatever look First Lady Melania Trump will experiment with during the Trump presidency, she’s not opting for an extreme change. She’s committed to the lengthier style.

Melania Trump's Hair
Melania Trump wears her up on rare occasions. Photo above taken in 2005. [Image by Evan Agostini/Getty Images]Featured image credit: Evan AgostiniGetty Images

Melania has worn bangs and parted her hair to the side in the past. She hasn’t worn her hair up in a while publicly but has done so at various other functions before her husband announced he was running for president. She consistently keeps a straight, glossy style, steering away from an occasional curly style or updo. It’s evident Melania Trump prefers the straight look for her hair, and it flatters her.

Melania Trump's Hair
Melania Trump sometimes wore her hair up and had bangs, as seen in this 2015 photo. [Image by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images]Featured image credit: Michael LoccisanoGetty Images

For anyone who wants to achieve Melania’s look, Alvow says hair mousse is one product to use in order to give volume at the roots. Alvow uses his own vegan and organic range, Yarok, on her hair. He continues that to get a very slight curl, take “large sections and roll them with a large two-inch curling iron and immediately use large plastic rollers and secure with a curl pin.” The pins are removed only after Melania has her makeup done. At that point, Alvow “brushes out big waves” to avoid a style of being “too done.” When they’re completely finished, Melania runs her fingers through her hair then a mist of hairspray is applied.

All eyes will be on Melania Trump’s hair and style after she officially becomes the nation’s new first lady. She may mix things up a bit when she attends formal engagements and travels abroad.

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