NASA’s Curiosity Rover Spotted A ‘Giant Alien Spoon’ On Mars, UFO Fanatics Claim [Photo]

UFO hunters claim that a photo of the Martian surface snapped by NASA’s Curiosity rover offers convincing evidence of intelligent extraterrestrial life on Mars. The photo, uploaded to NASA’s JPL raw (Mars) images archive, appears, according to UFO hunters, to show a “giant alien spoon” lying conspicuously on the Martian surface.

UFO fanatics insist that the image could be the long-sought clinching evidence of humanoid alien culture and civilization on the Red Planet.

The original Curiosity rover image allegedly showing a “giant alien spoon” on Mars may be viewed here on NASA’s raw images archive. A copy of the image also appears below.

Is this a giant alien spoon on Mars
UFO hunters claim to have found a giant alien spoon on Mars. [Image by NASA]

UFO enthusiasts aver solemnly that the discovery of a “giant spoon” on Mars proves the existence of intelligent humanoid alien culture and civilization on Mars because only humanoid alien life forms anatomically similar to Earthlings would design a feeding utensil similar to one used by humans on Earth.

“This one shows that the beings that used this spoon had hands similar size to our own. That would make them our size.”

“This is a fantastic discovery of an eating utensil near the Mars Curiosity rover,” UFO hunter Scott Waring declared on his UFO Sightings Daily blog. “Remember we have found many faces on Mars, so there were many species, big and small on Mars.

The latest weird alien artifact “discovery” on Mars was first announced by YouTube user UFO Hunter in a video uploaded online on December 20, 2016. UFO hunter speculated that the giant spoon was probably left on the Martian surface by a lost ancient alien civilization. If human archaeologists could land on Mars to dig around the area where NASA’s Curiosity rover photographed the spoon, they would probably find other artifacts and architectural remains of a long-lost ancient Martian civilization, UFO believers argued.

“There is a giant spoon on Mars! This thing is amazing! Probably left over from a lost civilization.”

The popular online UFO hunter Secureteam10 also uploaded the image obtained from NASA’s website to this YouTube channel on December 22, 2016.

The image has gone viral on multiple websites, and although most viewers believed that the visual suggestion of a spoon is an illusion, the striking similarity of the object to a large spoon or ladle is causing endless fascination. Many puzzled viewers struggled to find a rational explanation to escape the popular philosophical logic trap that “seeing is believing.”

“It’s a spoon shaped rock,” a viewer declared. “Walk around the woods for a while and I’m sure you will eventually see the same thing.”

Curiosity rover
NASA’s Curiosity rover photographed a giant alien spoon on Mars. [Image by Triff/Shutterstock]

“It’s just a weird stone resembling a spoon?” another insisted.

But some viewers appeared confused as to what to believe, while others appeared fully convinced that the photo actually shows a giant spoon that could have come from an ancient alien kitchen on Mars.

“This is disturbing,” a baffled viewer commented on UFO Sightings Daily.

“Every human being fears what they don’t understand,” a second viewer said reassuringly. “This does not disturb me but opens my mind to greater possibilities.”

“Not disturbing at all; if anything it’s eye-opening and exciting,” a third believer agreed.

This is not the first time UFO and alien hunters have claimed that a NASA rover has discovered a spoon on Mars. The Inquisitr reported in September of 2015 that some members of the forum UnmannedSpaceflight claimed to have spotted a strange Martian rock formation that looked like a long-handled ladle or spoon floating just above the Martian surface.

Although NASA responded to inquiries, describing the alleged spoon as a “classic case of pareidolia,” believers insisted that the object, photographed by Curiosity rover’s Mastcam Left at 01:00:25 UTC on August 30, 2015 (SOL 1089), was actually a “levitating alien spoon.”

NASA images showing the “levitating alien spoon” were uploaded to YouTube on September 2, 2015, by a user named UFO Hunter.

UFO hunters say that the latest discovery provides evidence that corroborates the earlier discovery of a “levitating spoon” on Mars. According to UFO hunter Waring, the new spoon on Mars is an “exact duplicate” of the previous “levitating spoon.”

“The spoon is actually the second spoon to be found on Mars, and this one is an exact duplicate of the earlier discovery,” Waring said. “There is almost no difference in the spoons found. They perfectly match!”

UFO and alien hunters have also found other alleged artifacts of an alien civilization on Mars, including books, machinery, guns, helmets, shoes, alien rings, and gloves.

[Featured Image by NASA]