Coffin Toilet Gets Australian Town’s Bowels In An Uproar

A coffin shaped toilet inside a small Australian town’s cemetery has upset a number of area residents, according to The Huffington Post.

A group of individuals who call Millaa Millaa, Australia home thought it would be cool and kind of quirky to have a coffin shaped outhouse at the local cemetery. Unfortunately, some people took issue with the toilet after it had been installed.

“You have to be careful, not everyone is going to have our macabre sense of humour,” Chamber of Commerce president Pat Reynolds explained to the Herald Sun. “But we did it with good intentions. It’s for firstly, the cemetery, and secondly, maybe a few more people will notice Millaa Millaa now.”

The idea to fashion a coffin shaped toilet came to the group after the town council said it would run upwards of $80,000 to build at proper restroom at the cemetery. In order to circumvent the high cost, the controversial outhouse was born.

While some people don’t have a problem with the peculiar toilet, other residents aren’t overly thrilled with the cemetery’s new bathroom.


“Imagine if they had a funeral there,” local resident and bathroom critic Brian Norton explained. “I don’t think it’s going to go over very well, especially if people are there from out of town. They’ll think, ‘What sort of place is this?’ “

People in Australia seem to have a penchant for unusual toilets. Earlier this month, the Ananas Bar and Brasserie caused a bit of controversy when it installed mouth shaped urinals inside the men’s bathroom. Once customers got wind of the unusual toilets, it didn’t take long for complaints to start rolling in.

“We sincerely apologize if they have caused offence. They are being removed today,” a restaurant spokesperson said in a statement. It only took three weeks for the eatery to replace the offending urinals in order to please their clientele.

Would you be offended if the cemetery in your neck of the woods installed a coffin shaped toilet? Do you think such a design is offensive?