Charlie Sheen’s ‘Anger Management’ Headed To Syndication In 2014

Charlie Sheen’s hit FX comedy Anger Management is headed to syndication on Fox television stations in 2014, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The off-net deal inked between distributors Debmar-Mercury and the television network will see repeats of the popular sitcom headed to stations in 2014. While some have stated off-cable shows don’t perform well in general syndication, Fox TV Stations Senior Vice President Frank Cicha seems excited about Anger Management.

“Typical wisdom says off-cable shows aren’t right for general syndication, but that’s way too narrow minded for today’s reality. When a program produces these ratings, regardless of the platform, you have to take it seriously. We did, and we expect ‘Anger Management’ to be a key piece of our sitcom dominance for years to come,” Cicha said in a recent statement.

Debmar-Mercury co-presidents Mort Marcus and Ira Bernstein mirrored Frank Cicha’s enthusiasm for the deal. “We are thrilled to have Fox as our core station group for ‘Anger Management’ as we begin rolling it out nationally. Fox is acquiring today’s most valuable sitcoms, and a broad-based, male-driven sitcom like ‘Anger Management’ will play perfectly with both ‘Big Bang Theory’ and ‘Modern Family’ on Fox stations in major markets,” the pair explained.


The Chicago Tribune reports that Fox TV stations will offer double runs of Anger Management Monday through Sunday. FX will retain rights to cable television repeats of the series.

For those who don’t have cable or aren’t interested in anything Charlie Sheen-related, Anger Management tells the story of Charlie Goodson, “a retired baseball player who is now a therapist specializing in anger management. The cast includes Selma Blair as a therapist and Goodson’s best friend — with whom he also has sex.” In other words, Sheen’s latest sitcom not too far removed from his stint on Two and a Half Men.

Are you excited that Charlie Sheen’s Anger Management is headed to syndication?