Nostradamus’ 2017 Predictions Update: Three Reasons Why Nibiru Is Not In The Predictions

Nostradamus’ 2017 predictions are most likely devoid of Nibiru references, and there are three great reasons why this statement is true. For those who do not regularly follow Nostradamus, or Nibiru prophesies, Nibiru is a theoretical “planet,” or “system” that supposedly passes close to the Earth on regular cycles. It has its beginnings in modern culture with Zecharia Sitchin’s translations involving ancient Sumerian texts. Some believed that Nostradamus also predicted the arrival of Nibiru in 2017, which has been true yearly in the age of Nibiru belief.

The likelihood is that Nostradamus’ predictions for 2017 in no way even mention Nibiru, as partially speculated here before. It is equally important to note that Nibiru, as far as predictions go, has an almost cult-like immunity from the scrutiny of those who believe no such planet exists. With that in mind, this analysis will attempt to dispute the claims of those who use Nostradamus’ 2017 predictions as a cover for retreaded claims of the imminent doom of humanity at the arrival of Nibiru and that planet’s collision course with Earth.

Did aliens once use Earth as a base of operations? [Image by Joel Kowsky/NASA/Getty Images]

First, there is overwhelming data available through physics and mathematics, that demonstrate that a planet approaching the solar system, and by extension, Earth, would create extraordinary disruptions in the orbits of the outer planets and the millions of smaller bodies throughout the solar system. Long before it had such an opportunity, it would be clearly detectable at vast distances before it arrived in Earth’s cosmic neighborhood. No such planet is visible in the sky at present.

Now, before getting into why Nostradamus’ 2017 predictions don’t include this, one should give more than a passing glance to the last paragraph. Framing supposed Nostradamus predictions about Nibiru in science, there is no evidence at all to indicate a planet on a collision course with this one. Further, there is no historical evidence of transits by a large wandering planet in this solar system. How do we know that? We’re here, that’s how. Again, it cannot be overstated how catastrophic this type of scenario could be, and it hasn’t happened since the bumper car days of this solar system’s formation.

Second, it seems like almost every year, new doom predictions of Nibiru arise. Every year, Nibiru is supposedly the source of humanity’s end. Every year, Nibiru doesn’t arrive. Nostradamus makes no mention of Nibiru in his predictions. Why is that?

The most likely reason is that as an alchemist, Nostradamus did not consider education in the same light as modern day reformers. The idea was that knowledge was distributed on a need to know basis and guarded so that those with evil intent would not possess great power. So, if such a planet did exist, it would not likely have been included in Nostradamus’ predictions. Announcing the end of the world would be irresponsible of Nostradamus in the alchemy tradition. Nostradamus would need to hide it, so only the enlightened could find it.

Did Nostradamus hide his Nibiru predictions in his quatrains? It’s possible, but then again, it’s as possible that a troop of miniature chimpanzees could be living in Donald Trump’s hair. Yes, both are possible, but neither is likely; at least not in this version of reality. More importantly, Nostradamus was an astute astrologer, and certainly, someone with that kind of education and observation background would have easily been able to describe a planet in a vision. Would he have used a “fiery dragon” as a metaphor? That is not likely. Nostradamus would be breaking from the tradition in which he was educated to cause confusion with that imagery.

Could Nibiru be a planet in an alien system that can probe and study Earth? [Image by ESO/Getty Images]

Finally, Nibiru predictions rely on extraordinarily rare and ancient writings. That is, scholars have a microscopic sampling of texts from the culture about which an entire mythos about Nibiru has emerged. It would be akin to trying to create predictions about American culture based on finding and translating a copy of The Scarlet Letter. Is it true that one could glean some information about the culture from one extremely dated book? It would be true to say that. Is it true that the same book would be an enlightening look at American beliefs in this era?

The latter question exposes the issue with the predictions surrounding Nibiru. Nibiru has become more or less a measuring stick for apocalyptic thinkers of a specific subset. There is no evidence Nostradamus’ 2017 predictions contain any mention of the planet of doom, and that most likely is the result of the fact that he never saw a vision about a traveling planet that does not exist. Now, did Nostradamus’ predictions include an Anunnaki invasion? That is a question worth exploring, given recent upticks in UFO sightings.

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