‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Carly Questions Sonny, Franco Comes Clean With Elizabeth, Hayden Fights, And Alexis Resists Julian

What can fans expect to see unfold during the week of December 26 on General Hospital? Spoilers tease that a murder mystery will have everybody buzzing, and there are difficult questions, confessions, and reveals on the way. Tom Baker has been killed, and Franco will be a prime suspect while Carly is wondering what’s going on with Sonny. Hayden is fighting for her life, and Julian is manipulating Alexis. There are plenty of juicy moments on the way.

Just as Franco was about to tell Elizabeth what he had done to Tom, Dante broke the news that Tom had been found dead. General Hospital spoilers, via SheKnows Soaps, share that Franco will be revealing something shocking to Elizabeth and it sounds as if he will fill her in on exactly what he had done with Tom. She will question whether he murdered her rapist, and Franco will surely be considered a prime suspect, but teasers indicate that there is much more yet to come on this front.

Carly is picking up on something odd going on between Sonny and Nelle, but so far, Jason has remained mum regarding what he knows. General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central reveal that Sonny will be pleading with Carly early in the week, and he’ll be hoping to spend New Year’s Eve with her. Carly will worry about what she believes is his inability to change, but viewers will see them continuing to work on repairing their relationship.

'General Hospital' stars William deVry and Nancy Lee Grahn play Julian and Alexis
Julian and Alexis are facing difficult moments on ‘General Hospital’ [Image by Helga Esteb/Shutterstock]

Julian and Alexis shared a close moment over Christmas, but fans should not expect a quick and smooth reunion. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Alexis will become frustrated with Julian and his antics, and she may try to distance herself from him. Jordan and Andre will be spending some time with one another in the episodes ahead, and teasers detail that Jordan will reach out to Curtis with an offer of some kind.

Jason and Sam are continuing to try to find the truth about the car explosion that supposedly killed Morgan, and Jason will return to the pawn shop to do some additional digging around. Laura will stand behind Lulu as she battles Valentin for Charlotte, and teasers note that there will be tense moments between Lulu and Nina as they argue over the little girl. As this battle plays out, it seems that Valentin will make a promise to Nina.

Anna is still struggling to figure out her connection to Valentin, and General Hospital spoilers note that she will utilize hypnosis to uncover more information. Nelle will be opening up to someone about her past, to an extent, and she soon finds herself in an awkward spot. Bobbie is continuing to keep an eye on Nelle, and it sounds as if Bobbie will do or say something that creates a challenge for Nelle.

'General Hospital' stars Kirsten Storms and Ryan Paevey play Maxie and Nathan
Will Maxie and Nathan tie the knot as planned on ‘General Hospital’? [Image by Mark Davis/Getty Images]

Nathan is going to be facing bad news and trouble from his past, and Kiki is going to end up in a tough spot as well. Finn went to extreme lengths to save Hayden, and General Hospital spoilers tease that she will be making a recovery. However, there are still challenges ahead for Hayden and possibly a setback of some sort.

There will not be a new episode airing on Friday, December 30, but there is plenty of action on the way in the episodes airing Monday through Thursday. Who really killed Tom, and can Elizabeth and Franco’s relationship survive this drama? Will Carly learn what transpired between Sonny and Nelle? Who is really responsible for the car bombing, and what comes next for Lulu, Charlotte, and Valentin? General Hospital spoilers indicate that things are going to be getting intense, and fans cannot wait to see where things head next.

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