Ryan Gosling Surprises Kids At Texas School For The Deaf

Ryan Gosling surprised kids this week at a Texas school for the deaf, and the actor who is well-loved on the internet for his “hey, girl” meme status took many thrilled moms by surprise as well.

Gosling surprised the kids at a 5K fundraiser on Sunday at the Texas School For The Deaf’s Spooky Skedaddle 5K race. And it wasn’t just Gosling, though most of us stop listening when we hear the words “Ryan” and “Gosling” in succession. Michael Fassbender and Rooney Mara were in tow for the event, helping to raise money for the school.

Gosling’s surprise also stunned school and event organizers, and Ann Adams, the executive director for the foundation, spoke to the Washington Post about the unexpected star-sighting.

Amusingly, Gosling had been the subject of some Spooky Skedaddle 5K-related pics on Pinterest made by people linked with the school, and Adams said that everyone was aware Ryan was in town filming when the event was set to go down. In an email to the Washington Post, she explained:

“The film crew has been parking some of their trucks on our campus during filming because we have a 67-acre campus right in the center of the city and it’s often used for such purposes … We knew that Ryan was in town, and he’s been on streets around campus often so we were just pipe dreaming (and look what happened!)”

It also appears Gosling’s surprise visit to the kids didn’t go without a squee-moment from the school’s director, who gushed to the paper:

“Ryan helped us out by paying $50 for a $1 glow in the dark cotton candy from a booth staffed by deaf children … It was very sweet.”


In the event you didn’t stop reading yet to fantasize about Ryan Gosling surprising you with a glow-in-the-dark cotton candy, here are some tweets of the star in action as he surprises the kids at the fundraiser.