Comedian Steven Crowder ‘Redistributes’ Children’s Halloween Candy In Political Spoof Video

Comedian Steven Crowder “redistributes” Children’s candy on Halloween in a hilarious political spoof video. The performer attended a “trunk or treat” event hosted by a local church and tried to redistribute candy from the kid’s sacks to make the system more “fair.” The costumed comedian apparently considered the stunt was a teachable moment about the American tax system.

Crowder’s stance on President Barack Obama’s tax policy likely means he is not a supporter of the Democratic incumbent. The comedic actor reached inside the bags of children with a lot of candy, grabbed a handful, and then redistributed the sweet treats into the sacks of kid’s with less candy.

In the redistribution of sugar wealth video, one child who had some candy taken away had this to say:

“Hey, dude that’s not cool. It’s not fun to take people’s candy. That’s my candy, I worked hard for it.”


When Steven Crowder pointed out that he had more than the child standing next to him, the angry youngster informed the comedian that it was “ok” to have more than someone else. The responses from other children who had some of their Halloween candy redistributed did not go along with the “fair share” endeavor quietly either.

One unhappy child even threatened to call the police because Crowder took something that did not belong to him. Steven explained that he was not stealing, just simply redistributing from those who have a lot to those who have less. The political theory did not impress the kiddos who simply wanted to keep what they had spent an hour earning.