Hatchimal Won't Hatch? You're Not Alone On Christmas Day - Try These Tips

Paula Mooney

The phrase "Hatchimal won't hatch" is apparently a popular search term. Turning to social media on Christmas Day, there are enough people writing about the fact that their Hatchimal toy won't hatch that the Hatchimal toymaker has provided a support page about the issue. As seen on the Hatching FAQs support page of the Spin Master website, if a Hatchimal won't hatch, they offer some solutions to try and get the Hatchimal to hatch. Those tips include rubbing the Hatchimal in a certain manner to try and get the Hatchimal to hatch, along with putting the Hatchimal down and picking the Hatchimal back up again to try and get the Hatchimal to hatch. Finally, they even suggest turning the Hatchimal upside down for eight seconds to allow the Hatchimal to fall asleep before turning it right side up again to get it to hatch. Ultimately, the following suggestions from the Hatchimal maker should get the Hatchimal egg to hatch.

"Try rubbing up and down along the side of the egg. Your hand should move above and below the small seam you can find towards the bottom section of the egg. Put the egg down on a flat surface and let go of the egg for 2 seconds. Pick the egg back up and try again. Your Hatchimal™ should respond now. If this doesn't work your Hatchimal™ may be tired! Try turning your Hatchimal™ egg upside down for 8 seconds and let it fall asleep. Turn the egg right side up, and try again. Your Hatchimal™ should now respond when you rub the egg."

On Facebook, a search for the term "Hatchimal won't hatch" turns up other results from people publishing posts proclaiming that they are having the same problems with getting their Hatchimal eggs to hatch. For example, Facebook user Keeley Ladlow posted a post about her Hatchimal, in South Hykeham, United Kingdom. Ladlow wrote that her "bloody Hatchimal won't hatch!" Keeley wrote that as soon as her Hatchimal gets to the hatching stage, the Hatchimal turns off instead of hatching.

On Twitter, there are also reports of folks having trouble with their Hatchimal toys hatching. Whether or not there is truly a problem with the specific Hatchimal toy hatching, or whether or not the toy owner simply needs to be more patient or rub the Hatchimal more or in a different manner in order to get the Hatchimal to hatch remains to be seen.

[Featured Image by Gunnar Rathbun/AP Images]