David Axelrod: I’ll Shave My Mustache If Romney Wins Minnesota, Michigan Or Pennsylvania [Video]

David Axelrod is putting his money where his mustache is. The senior adviser for the Obama campaign said today that he would shave his mustache if Mitt Romney wins Minnesota, Michigan or Pennsylvania.

Axelrod, who appeared this morning on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, said:

“I will come on ‘Morning Joe’ and I will shave my moustache of 40 years if we lose any of those three states.”

USA Today reports that Mitt Romney is within striking distance in Minnesota, Michigan, and Pennsylvania but Axelrod is apparently confident enough to put his most “valuable asset” on the line. Axelrod said that he was also confident that Obama would win swing states like Virginia.

Axelrod said:

“I can only bet my mustache once, but I’m very confident at the end of the day we’ll win Virginia.”

But Axelrod wasn’t the only one putting his facial grooming on the line. Host Joe Scarborough said that he would grow a mustache if Obama won North Carolina or Florida. The Washington Times reports that Obama carried both states in 2008 but Mitt Romney appears to have the advantage this year.

Axelrod said:


“You know what’s good for you is that after the election’s over you guys aren’t going to have that much to talk about, so people can tune in every day and watch your moustache grow.”

Here’s a video of David Axelrod on Morning Joe.

Do you think President Obama will win Minnesota, Michigan, and Pennsylvania? Do you think David Axelrod will shave his mustache if Obama loses any of those states?