Newt Gingrich Helping Todd Akin Campaign

Todd Akin is relying on Newt Gingrich to get him a win in Missouri after several Republicans have abandoned him, including presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

Gingrich and Akin appeared together at a pair of Kansas City area fundraisers with the goal of raising $1 million in advertising in the last week of the campaign, reports CBS News.

So far, McCaskill has held the lead since Akin’s unsightly rape remarks in August. She has also outspent Akin significantly on TV ads that have cast Akin as extreme and “scary” because of his conservative views and “legitimate rape” comments.

During his appearances, Gingrich noted that “the gap between Todd Akin and Sen. McCaskill on issues … is enormous.” He predicted, however, that voters will side with Akin because of his limited-government philosophy. He also believes they will forgive him for his remark about how women’s bodies can avoid pregnancy in a “legitimate rape.”

Newt Gingrich said of Akin:

“Todd Akin has had a 12-year career of being a solid conservative. Claire McCaskill has had a six-year career of representing Barack Obama’s liberalism. This state deserves to have a senator from Missouri, not a senator from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.”

The Associated Press notes that, while McCaskill has had no scheduled campaign events, because of her mother’s death on Monday, she has still waged an aggressive TV advertising battle against her Republican challenger.

A spokeswoman for the senator, Caitlin Legacki stated, “Claire’s always been an independent, Missouri-style moderate who puts our state’s interests first. She added that McCaskill’s “record obviously stands in stark contrast to Todd Akin’s extreme special-interest agenda.”


While Gingrich’s fundraisers for Todd Akin were not big ticket events (admission was between $40 and $50), Akin’s campaign adviser, Rick Tyler, stated that they were part of a push to raise $200,000 before November 6, allowing them to reach their goal of $1 million

In between the two fundraisers, Gingrich and Akin toured the facilities of Lee’s Summit-based Bennett Packaging. They also posed in front of a massive banner of snow-capped mountains. Gingrich stated later in the day, when talking about the response he was receiving from the 200 guests at Akin’s luncheon fundraiser:

“It is the first fundraiser I’ve ever gone to that spontaneously became a rally. When he tells you he has intensity among his supporters, I can personally vouch for it. I have seen it — it is astonishing how passionate and how dedicated they are.”

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