Megyn Kelly Unleashes Tweetstorm About Shuttterfly

Megyn Kelly let fly a series of tweets about Shutterfly today for allegedly lying about the status of her Christmas card order and vowing to never do business with the firm again.

The host of The Kelly File on the Fox News Channel also wrote that this was the first time that she’s ever taken to Twitter, where she has 2-million-plus followers, to publicly shame a company.

Kelly has taken the week off from her TV show, but that didn’t stop her from accessing social media over “Christmascardgate” to express unhappiness with Shutterfly’s customer service or to continue to promote her memoir Settle for More.

“But Kelly spent part of Friday fulminating in tweets against Shutterfly, the online publishing service best known for its photo books and do-it-yourself greeting cards. She was peeved, very peeved, about how they handled her family Christmas card order, which, apparently, did not get sent.” USA TODAY explained about Kelly’s Christmas card complaint.

“The ticked off TV personality then accepted recommendations for other printing companies from followers while still managing to slam Shutterfly,” Us Weekly added.

Megyn Kelly complains on Twitter about Shutterfly
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Although the apparently mishandled order is unfortunate, it’s oddly reassuring to some degree perhaps that high-profile, wealthy celebrities encounter the same commerce glitches as do ordinary consumers from time to time. “Word to the wise: Do not come between Megyn Kelly and her spreading of Christmas cheer, or you will get burned,” New York magazine quipped. Kelly also apparently retweeted messages from other dissatisfied Shutterfly customers.

In a follow-up tweet, Megyn Kelly indicated that Shutterfly customer service is in the process of sorting things out on the eve of Christmas eve.


Megyn Kelly has become a big news story herself because of her upcoming free agent status and the possibility she might leave Fox News for another media opportunity. With Kelly’s Fox contract due to expire in July 2017, reports have emerged that she is considering other media options. One supposedly is Good Morning America, which ABC News has denied. A previous report by the Inquisitr suggested that CNN was allegedly prepared to move mountains to bring her over to the competing news network to perhaps compete head to head against former FNC mentor Bill O’Reilly at 8 p.m. Eastern. Megyn Kelly evidently has a $20 million per year offer on the table from Fox, which reportedly represents a $5 million raise and puts her on par with O’Reilly’s Fox earnings.

Airing at 9 p.m. Eastern Monday through Friday, The Kelly File originated as a legal-oriented weekly segment on The O’Reilly Factor. There has been speculation that Bill O’Reilly and former corporate lawyer Kelly, who previously anchored in the afternoon, have had a falling out since then, a possible clash of egos that would not be unprecedented in the television universe. Viewers will note that at The Factor nightly signoff, O’Reilly no longer says “Miss Megyn is next,” for whatever that may or may not mean.

Megyn Kelly has dispute with Shutterfly over Xmas card delivery
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Despite their feud during the political campaign, Megyn Kelly, 46, recently told TMZ that things are all good between her and President-elect Donald Trump.

Settle for More has dropped to No. 8 on the Publishers Weekly hardcover nonfiction list and has apparently only sold about 180,000 copies to date.

Watch this space for updates on a possible resolution of Megyn Kelly’s missing Shutterfly Christmas card order.

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