Donald Trump’s 18 Holes With Tiger Woods Make Obama’s Golf Days Look A Bit Mundane? [Opinion]

Donald Trump and Tiger Woods hit the greens together Friday, pushing Trump’s predecessor out of the headlines with his generic round of golf in Hawaii. While Trump has saturated the headlines over the past few months, Barack Obama did capture some notoriety while vacationing among the island paradise and hitting the greens. Today Trump takes over the golf headlines with the extravagance of playing with one of the top golfers to ever walk the face the earth, Tiger Woods.

Toss in the location of the Trump International, which is owned by the president-elect, and Obama’s vacation golf outings look rather generic in comparison. He’s not playing on a course that is named after him. Of course Trump’s bill for his time on the golf course with Tiger Woods didn’t cost the taxpayers an arm and a leg. The Obama family’s Christmas vacations in Hawaii have totaled “easily more than $35 million over eight years,” reports the Washington Times.

The estimated price of $35 million to $40 million is the total price tag of his eight years of Hawaiian vacations, which includes everything from lifting off in D.C. to arriving back in D.C. and all that they do in between. Then there’s the security and the digs where the Obamas stay, which is private and quite luxurious. According to Judicial Watch, which is a government watchdog group, Obama’s 2015 Hawaiian vacation came with the price tag of $4.8 million.

This year, with the Obama family spending 17 days in Hawaii and going by last year’s cost, you are looking at this vacation costing somewhere in the neighborhood of about $280,000 a day after doing a little math. The cost of that vacation can be broken down into hours with a loose ballpark figure of just under $12,000 per hour.

A typical outing of golf takes about three to four and a half hours, depending on the players’ skill level, according to GolfLink. Professionals spend about 10 minutes on each hole, but for the amateur, that jumps to 15 minutes. A very rough estimate of the cost of Obama’s golf game would be… well, you can do the math! It looks like the cost of one golf outing would easily purchase a luxury car!

With all the wheeling and dealing Trump has done recently to get the cost of building aircraft down for the U.S., he might be able to do the same for his vacation when the time comes. Can Trump do a vacation in Hawaii for a little over two weeks for a price under the $4.8 million it has cost to put Obama and his family there? If he does, the public will be sure to hear about it, most likely in one of his famous tweets.

Donald Trump Leans On Golf Club
Donald Trump is seen on the golf course a few years back. He is very much at home on the greens as the U.S. Golf Association has the president-elect’s handicap at an impressive 2.8. [Image by Patrick Semansky, File/AP Images]

As far as Donald Trump and Tiger Woods on the golf course in West Palm Beach, Florida, is concerned, mum’s the word on details. Besides a few tweets of the dynamic duo with their clubs, not much was said. What the two iconic personalities talked about or even how their game went was not divulged. According to CNN, Trump’s “handicap is listed at an impressive 2.8 by the US Golf Association.”

In the tweet above, Tiger and the future president of the United States are joined by a handsome young boy in a picture that will surely make it into the youngster’s scrap book. It looks like Tiger was in the Christmas mood posing with his newly grown gray beard, which is real, and his Santa cap, which is only a replica. The only thing missing was Tiger’s Santa suit, as the bare-chested golfer in sunglasses looked just a bit too cool for a Santa, as seen below. He looks more like a calendar pin-up than he does a man about to come down a chimney.

Donald Trump got to relax and play a round of golf, but his critics still worked overtime trying to discredit the president-elect while on the greens. Trump supporters were quick to note that Obama has played over 300 rounds of golf since taking the office of the president, which is a number quoted in an article by CNN. Trump also got in on the act of pointing out Obama’s excessive golf playing while working the campaign trail. While criticizing Obama’s golf game, Trump promised to limit his time for activities like golf once he takes over the Oval Office.

With Trump on the golf green this week, social media had a field day with posts about the president-elect; some are like the one below and others… well, not so stellar. That is a very dapper-looking golfer in the tweet below! Other tweets had Trump shown in poses that were not very complimentary and some pointed out his flaws in these pictures.

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