Varsity: Kpop’s New Male Idol Group Looks Hot, Hot, Hot!

Varsity, Kpop’s new male idol group is about to make its debut in 2017. And, based on the teaser images it looks like the group is ready to make Kpop fangirls melt with their smoldering good looks.

According to All Kpop, Varsity is a 12 member group. Seven of the members are Korean, while five of them are Chinese.

As K-pop Map notes, the group was formed as a result of a joint venture between Korea’s Global K Center and the In Hi Media, the company behind Challenger’s Alliance a popular Chinese variety show.

The names of the Varsity members are Kid, YoonHo, Anthony, Bullet, Damon, Xin, XiWeol, DaWon, SeungBo, JaeBin, Manny, and RiHo. They are going to be marketed as a global group and the members are multilingual with members who can speak Korean, Chinese, English, Arab, and French.

According to Kpop Map, the group name was chosen because this group is supposed to represent the elite standard of what a Kpop idol is supposed to be.

The teaser images that they recently released are for their upcoming debut album Round One which is expected to drop in early January 2017.

According to Soompi, the boys of Varsity plan to distinguish themselves from the numerous other male idol groups by incorporating more acrobatics into their performances. Their debut showcase is scheduled to take place on January 2, 2017.

The group currently has just over 2,000 followers on Twitter but that’s sure to change in the lead up to their debut.


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According to Soompi, Varsity isn’t the only Kpop group scheduled to debut in 2017.

There’s another male Kpop idol group that’s going to be introduced to fans in 2017 and its name is MYTEEN. Formed by Music Works, the group includes a former contestant on Superstar K6, Song Yu Vin. He once revealed that the idea behind the group would be to showcase talent that’s “bright and full of energy.”

According to Soompi, the group has seven members and their names are Song Yu Vin, Shin Jun Seob, Sewoong, Hanseul, Eunsoo, Siheon, and Chunjin.

Unlike Varsity, MYTEEN has already performed in front of a large audience. The group opened for Baek Ji Young’s “Andante” concert in Busan. They performed a song that’s expected to appear on their debut album and a cover of a popular Super Junior song, “Happiness.”

MYTEEN are also going to be the stars of an idol reality show broadcast by MBC, All Kpop reports.

The name of the show will be Trainee Escape Project – MYTEEN GO!

In each of the episodes, the six members of the group will be given challenges they must complete in order to escape to freedom.

So which group do you think will be more popular after they officially debut, MYTEEN or Varsity? Let us know in the comments below

[Featured Image by Ini Media & Global K Center]