Nam Taehyun Leaving WINNER Caused By Mental Health Issues? All About Kpop Idol’s Struggle With Hallyu Stardom

Nam Taehyun leaving WINNER came as a shock to fans yesterday. What’s even more intriguing is that the Kpop boy band’s agency YG Entertainment announced that he would be leaving because of his struggles with mental health issues. As All Kpop reports, the agency claimed the Taehyun’s mental health was interfering with WINNER’S current promotional activities so they had to cut him loose.

“WINNER, who announced to have active promotions this year, unfortunately, had to halt all promotions due to Nam Tae Hyun’s mental health issues. YG and rest of the members looked forward to and considered first and foremost for Nam Tae Hyun’s recovery,” the statement from the Kpop agency read.

According to YG, these “mental health” issues are something that Taehyun has struggled with since he was very young.

“However, it’s a mental issue he struggled with since young age, and his recovery and return are unpredictable. Therefore, we judged that it’s impossible for him to carry on promotions with WINNER,” the statement continued.

“YG and the other members have put Taehyun’s mental health as the main priority and decided to wait for his recovery. However, due to the fact that the mental issue was one that has been present ever since his childhood, it is impossible to predict when he will recover and when he will be able to return to activities.”

The specifics of Nam Taehyun’s mental health issues have not been revealed but according to Koreaboo, his struggles with dealing with stardom had long been apparent.

The first indication came when WINNER’s expected October comeback was postponed. At that time, Taehyun’s mental health was cited as the reason and there were claims that the group’s grueling promotional schedule was only making the problem worse.

Fans have also noticed that the former Kpop boy band member has also lost a considerable amount of weight since his debut. At a WINNER fan meeting a couple of months ago, some noticed that he was looking dangerously skinny, Koreaboo reports.

Since leaving WINNER, Nam Tae hyun has since written an open letter to his fans in which he said he was sad to share such disappointing news with them.

There were a lot of things that happened within this time, which could be defined as short or long. I was very happy to have received such great love as Nam Tae Hyun of WINNER,” the letter which was posted on Instagram read, according to the translation posted on All Kpop.


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On a happier note, Taehyun did indicate that he has every intention of continuing his music career.

“We came to this decision after a long meeting, but I haven’t changed my mind about doing good music.” he wrote.

“I’ll return with good music and projects.”

Fans of Nam Taehyun have expressed support for the singer since his departure from WINNER with many vowing to support him if he ever decides to go solo or be part of another Kpop band.

News of Nam Tae Hyun leaving Winner and YG Entertainment was accompanied by more bombshell news that 2NE1, groundbreaking K-pop girl group were disbanding after making music together for over five years.

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