Ivanka Trump Harasser: Weird Tweet By Man’s Husband Narrated Harassment On Twitter [Opinion]

Ivanka Trump and her family became the captive audience of a disturbing Trump-bashing session Thursday as they waited for their JetBlue flight to depart JFK Airport. Ivanka and her young family were spotted by a man and his husband who were eventually removed from the flight after one of them delivered a barrage of Donald Trump-bashing to the oldest daughter of the president-elect. This set the ball rolling for putting Ivanka front and center in Thursday’s headlines.

Dan Goldstein made his way over to where Ivanka and her family were seated and preceded to howl about her father, Donald Trump, ruining the country. This is when Goldstein’s husband, Matt Lasner, sent out a tweet about it, which has since been deleted, but is seen below in a retweet.

This tweet sent the ball rolling once again, but this time it was for a barrage of anger aimed at Goldstein and Lasner, who had their young adopted child with them at the time Goldstein laid into Ivanka. On Fox and Friends Friday morning, veteran Thaddeus Alexander asked about the adoption agency who let this couple adopt a child. This was certainly not the behaviors you want parents to display to their children, Alexander suggested.

Their child didn’t need to witness such behavior and Ivanka’s children didn’t need to be victims of this behavior. The fact that children were present didn’t appear to offer enough reason for Goldstein to put on the brakes and take both Ivanka’s kids and his own child into account. In a clip taken of the men as they exit the airport gate, the reporter asked if they thought it was appropriate to do this in front of children, but that question went ignored.

Ivanka Trump is not often photographed with her own children, but here’s a shot of Ivanka back in 1993 with her mom and brother Eric, along with a friend of the family. [Image by AP Images]

This couple consists of two men who hold prestigious positions within the community. They are a college professor and a lawyer, according to Zero Hedge. Goldstein, who is the man who acted as the mouth piece while cornering Ivanka, is a lawyer. Lasner, who sent out what many perceive as a tweet expressing his pride in what his husband was doing, is the college professor. He teaches at Hunter College as an associate professor.

This bizarre tweet from Lasner was informing the masses that his husband was chasing down Ivanka. That alone sounded inappropriate, but then he added what his husband intended to do — “harass them” — and that did it for many people. Not only were folks furious that Goldstein harassed the family, now they were peeved Lasner sounded as if he was egging his husband on, which also put him as a target for angst.

Today across the social media sites, people are calling for Lasner’s dismissal from Hunter College. Many have focused on Lasner’s hashtag on his tweet as tagging his target as “evil.”

PJ Media writes, “Apparently, it’s OK to irritate and delay a plane full of people as long as you not-so-cleverly hashtag your target as ‘evil.'”

Both men are seen as acting very inappropriate by social media users for their actions around a woman and her children and that is putting it mildly once reading what people had to say. Ivanka Trump did not deserve this encounter, which is seen as “bullying” by many of the people who commented on this event. Not to mention how this must have made her children feel to see their mommy being yelled at by an agitated stranger.

This is a picture of a very young Ivanka Trump enjoying a day out with her dad back in 1994. She isn’t photographed very often with her own kids these days. [Image by Roh Frehm/AP Images]

Goldstein was not only irate to see Ivanka, but her presence on the flight caused a delay as the Secret Service Agents had security concerns. The protocol was for Ivanka, her husband, and their children to board the plane first before the other passengers, slowing down the boarding process.

Goldstein was overheard by another passenger saying, “Oh my God, this is a nightmare. They ruin the country and now they ruin our flight.”

Instead of exchanging any words with this man, Ivanka got into her mode as a mother of three and tried to distract her children with crayons as Goldstein spewed forth a verbal attack. The New York Daily News describes Ivanka’s demeanor through the entire event as “calm, cool and collected.” The JetBlue flight attendants had the two men escorted off the flight, but Ivanka and her family were subjected to this awful turbulence before the plane ever left the ground. You can see just how cramped Ivanka and her family were while in their coach seats in the tweet below.

One passenger overheard Ivanka telling a flight attendant that she didn’t want this made into a big deal. The passenger within earshot of her conversation said he got the feeling Ivanka would have been just fine with the man taking his seat and not bothering her the rest of the flight, but that didn’t happen. Incidents such as this are taken very seriously by the airlines today, so both men were escorted off the plane, as one of them held their child in his arms.

What started out as one man making a stand against Trump and his husband appearing proud of his spouse for making this stand has now backfired on this couple. People are not looking at them as hero non-Trump supporters, but bullies. They are seen as bullies for not taking into consideration what their horrific actions might do to a mother, her children, and their own child who was also with them on the plane.

[Featured Image by Dennis Van Tine/STAR MAX/AP Images]

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