Beach Boys Might Perform At Trump Inauguration After Garth Brooks & Andrea Bocelli Back Out

The pickings are slim for musicians to perform at the Trump inauguration, but another band, the Beach Boys, have given a firm maybe, after Garth Brooks and Andrea Bocelli backed out over pressure from their fans. Though the sound of California surf music, the Beach Boys, have not said no, they still have not said yes, as it is likely that their fans will also have some thoughts.

Earlier this week, Andrea Bocelli said no thanks to singing at the Trump inauguration, and David Foster also declined to direct the musical performances at Donald Trump’s inauguration, says the Inquisitr. This was after country music star Garth Brooks also declined to sing at the national event. At this time, the only singer that is on board to sing at the Trump event is teen music competition winner Jackie Evancho. Though the Trump team says they do not care who sings at the event, they continue to try to get something locked down.

PageSix reports that The Beach Boys might “have bigger balls” that Andrea Bocelli and Garth Brooks, as they are considering performing at Donald Trump’s inaugural event. For now, it is alleged that the Trump team is pleased that The Beach Boys have not declined. Sources close to the band say that they have yet to answer, but Brian Wilson would not be with the band regardless.

“They have not made a decision.”


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Both Garth Brooks and Andrea Bocelli were bombarded with calls, emails, and tweets, urging them not to sing for Trump. People threatened to boycott their performances in the future.

“They both bowed to the pressure. Their phones were blowing up, and they decided it just wasn’t worth it.”

In addition to Jackie Evancho, The Mormon Tabernacle Choir will also sing for Donald Trump. Mike Love of The Beach Boys said back in September that if Trump won, he would be open to singing at the inauguration. Trump and Love have known each other for years.

“He’s been a friend for a long time. Does that mean I agree with everything he says? No. But… if we were asked [to play his inauguration], I’m sure that we would.”

For now, both Trump and The Beach Boys representatives have no comment. The Beach Boys have been known as “America’s Band,” and have sang their classic surf songs at events on both sides of the aisle.

NewsMax says that it is still up in the air for the Beach Boys to have “Fun, Fun, Fun” at the Trump inauguration, but they just might, as Mike Love and Donald Trump have known each other for years. In the past, The Beach Boys have performed for Bill Clinton, Ronald Regan, may Fourth of July celebrations, and George H.W. Bush, and they consider themselves neutral politically.

But if The Beach Boys maybe turns into a no, it is being suggested that Kanye would be willing to rap, even though he has cancelled his North American tour and his European tour, after spending time in the hospital after an alleged nervous breakdown. Kanye West’s first trip after leaving the hospital was across the country to New York to visit President-elect Donald Trump at Trump Tower.

So far, no other musical acts have surfaced for the inauguration or any other inaugural events. Only time will tell if The Beach Boys will agree to bring their brand of surf music to Washington D.C.

Do you think the Beach Boys will sing at the Trump inauguration?

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