Porsha Craver ‘Facebook Live’ Video: Jacqueline ‘Jackie’ Craig Calls Ft. Worth Police Officer Martin For Seven-Year-Old Son, Cop Arrests Her And Brea Hymond

There is growing outrage against the police officer seen in the following video, which was posted to the Facebook page of Porsha Craver. As seen in the following video, which has gotten more than 530,000 views in 11 hours, Jacqueline “Jackie” Craig speaks with a Forth Worth, Texas, police officer. Craig claimed that her neighbor, the male in the video, choked her seven-year-old son for littering. Instead of interrogating the man about Jacqueline’s accusations of child abuse, the police officer asks Craig why she didn’t teach her seven-year-old son not to litter. When 15-year-old Brea Hymond steps in between her mother and the officer, Brea is thrown to the ground and also handcuffed by the officer, as Hymond’s mom is also handcuffed. As noted in the video, the Fort Worth policeman’s name is Officer Martin.

As reported by Heavy, Porsha is Craig’s niece, and she recorded the entire shocking incident in a Facebook Live video that continues to gain views. Uploaded to social media on Wednesday evening, the video has grown tremendously in views on Craver’s Facebook page. There is growing anger against the police officer, who — at least as shown in the Facebook Live video — doesn’t appear to investigate claims at all about the man’s alleged assault on the seven-year-old boy. Instead, with Jacqueline being interrogated and eventually arrested by the police officer — along with her 15-year-old daughter Brea, who was thrown to the ground whilst only wearing a jog bra and exercise pants — calls for the Ft. Worth police officer to be named and fired are rampant on social media.

Outrage continues as Officer Martin asks Craig why the neighbor doesn’t have the right to put his hands on her seven-year-old son. The police officer next tells Craig to stop yelling or she will be arrested. As Brea appeared to try and calm the situation and take her mother away, Officer Martin grabbed the young girl and threw her to the ground. Officer Martin pulls out a taser and points it at the teenager, threatening to tase Brea.

The Facebook and Twitter pages of the Fort Worth Police Department are getting an earful from concerned citizens about the melee caught on tape in the Facebook Live video. Comments like the following are being posted to the Facebook page of the Fort Worth Police Department.

Araceli Cornejo: “What are you doing about your racist officer that thinks it is ok for a grown man to put his hands on a 7yr and will arrest the mother of the boy and not the suspect??????”

Mike Uribe: “I just saw a video of one of your officers completely out of line and not doing his job correctly..putting the rest of us at risk for retaliation..I’m sure you already know about it..fire the scumbag..he’s obviously RACIST.”


As seen in status updates like the following from Twitter, the firing of Officer Martin is being demanded.

There has also been a protest that is planned in Fort Worth for Thursday, December 22, regarding the viral incident. The protest is dubbed “We Demand Justice for Brea Hymond & Jacqueline Craig” — and will be held 6:30 p.m. at the old Tarrant County Courthouse, 100 East Weatherford Street, in Fort Worth.

[Featured Image by Maen Zayyad/Shutterstock]