Brad Pitt Is Reportedly Ready To Move On From ‘Jealous’ Angelina Jolie

It’s been a few months since Angelina Jolie filed for divorce and Brad Pitt is already moving on! In Touch Weekly reports that Pitt is thrilled to be free of Jolie’s jealous behavior and is seeking out the women she banned him from seeing. Will Pitt find romance in the near future?

An inside source told Radar Online that Jolie kept a secret list of women Pitt wasn’t allowed to see during their marriage. It isn’t clear why Jolie banned Pitt from socializing with some of the names, though she clearly didn’t want him to spark up a potential romance.

“Taylor Schilling, Lady Gaga and even openly gay Sarah Paulson were all on Angie’s blacklist for Brad,” an insider revealed. “He’s ramping up his new social circle and actively pursuing all of the above and more for work and social opportunities. He’s ready to finally have some fun.”

Marion Cotillard was one of the first women Brad Pitt was rumored to have romances while married to Angelina Jolie. [Photo by John Phillips/Getty Images]

While is sounds like Pitt is ready to break out, Hollywood Life reports that he is actively staying out of the spotlight until the custody battle is over. In fact, while their custody battle rages on, Pitt celebrated his 53rd birthday with a low-key outing with friends.

“Brad Pitt spent his birthday enjoying a mellow dinner in with a few close, old friends,” a source shared with the outlet. “Brad has been working hard on maintaining a low-profile and his plan is to stay out of the spotlight until his divorce and custody issues are finalized.”

Pitt and Jolie have been locked in an intense custody battle over the past few months. The couple shares six children together – Maddox, Zahara, Shiloh, Pax, and twins Knox and Vivienne. Until the issue is resolved, the Allied star doesn’t want to do anything that might hurt his chances at winning joint custody.

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“He was not interested in celebrating his birthday out at any hot restaurants. Brad will not be doing anything that will interfere with his custody battle and does not want it to look like he is busy dating or partying,” the source explained. “His primary focus right now is working on himself and working on rebuilding his relationship with his kids.”

Brad Pitt has been the focus of intense scrutiny over the past few months. In the wake of the divorce, the World War Z star was accused of child abuse. Thankfully, he has since been cleared of all the child abuse allegations and is looking to win joint custody.

Sadly, Pitt hasn’t had a lot of opportunities to see his children since the split. The actor didn’t even get to visit the kids over Thanksgiving and still hasn’t ironed out a Christmas visit. Will Pitt have to spend Christmas alone this year?

“Brad hopes to see the kids for Christmas at some point, but when, hasn’t been determined,” a friend of the actor shared. “Brad is committed to staying positive. He’s just trying to look ahead.”

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For her part, Jolie took Shiloh out for a little camera shopping during Pitt’s birthday. The duo had a fun time shopping for camera gear but Pitt was nowhere to be seen.

With Christmas less than a week away, the chances of Pitt seeing his kids over the holiday are not looking good. The estranged couple will hopefully work something out in time for the holidays that will prevent Pitt from having to spend Christmas with friends instead of family.

Pitt and Jolie have not officially commented on the alleged list of banned women. Both actors have made it a point to remain out of the limelight while they work through their difficult split. Given the nature of the custody battle, Brad Pitt will definitely need to be careful about who he associates with until the case is closed.

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