Chris Christie Becomes Emotional On Twitter: ‘The Jersey Shore Of My Youth Is Gone’

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has published an emotional series of tweets on Twitter after his home state was devastated by the intense floods and high winds of what is now being called Super Storm Sandy.

Chris Christie has been omnipresent during the Sandy crisis, appearing on Fox News today and rejecting pressure to politicize the crisis. Christie, who has been a vocal critic of the Obama administration, even praised the President’s dedication to ensuring the safety of those in New Jersey as residents faced a natural diasater of epic proportions.

Christie also spoke at a heated press conference yesterday, during which he blasted the mayor of Atlantic City for not aggressively urging residents to evacuate. The governor expressed frustration that the shelters within the city were flooded and residents who had chosen not to evacuate were unable to safely be reached by rescuers.

Tomorrow, President Barack Obama is set to tour areas of devastation in New Jersey with Chris Christie, but the governor surveyed some of the damage ahead of Obama’s planned Halloween visit.

Tonight on Twitter, Christie sent several tweets speaking seemingly off the cuff about his reactions to the extensive damage on the Jersey Shore and elsewhere, telling fellow Twitter users:


Below, Chris Christie’s remarks at the press conference regarding Atlantic City and those who failed to evacuate.