Kate Hudson Is Not Pregnant With Brad Pitt’s Baby [Debunked]

Kate Hudson and Brad Pitt are not expecting a child together, despite what an outlandish rumor has suggested.

Following the publication of the latest issue of Star magazine, which features photos of Hudson and Pitt and includes the headline, “Brad & Kate: Pregnancy Shocker,” Gossip Cop has shot down the idea of a seventh child for the 53-year-old actor.

“Is She Pregnant?” Star asks in their report.

“Friends are wondering whether Brad Pitt’s brand-new (but red hot) romance with Kate Hudson is already on the verge of paying an unexpected dividend,” an alleged source explained.

Rumors regarding Brad Pitt and Kate Hudson’s possible romance first began swirling weeks ago after Pitt’s wife, Angelina Jolie, filed for divorce after two years of marriage and six kids.

Kate Hudson attends the PEOPLE Magazine Awards
Kate Hudson attended the PEOPLE Magazine Awards on December 18, 2014
[Image by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]

“Tongues were wagging after a recent photo emerged of Kate in Los Angeles, looking relaxed in a cropped top and yoga pants — and revealing what appears to be the beginning of a baby bump,” the incorrect insider suggested.

Meanwhile, the magazine claimed that Brad Pitt’s supposed friends were wondering if the actor was about to receive some unexpected news. The insider also revealed that the news would allegedly be that Pitt was going to become a dad for the seventh time with his rumored new girlfriend.

“[Brad Pitt] wasn’t planning on having another kid soon. If Kate is indeed pregnant, that will change his outlook pretty fast. He’s such a stand-up, easygoing guy that I’m sure his reaction would be that he’d view it as a blessing and the start of a new chapter in his life,” the false source shared.

As for how Jolie was supposedly feeling about her soon-to-be ex-husband’s fake baby news, the so-called insider said she was “livid” about the pregnancy rumors.

In response to Star magazine’s report, Gossip Cop confirmed that Brad Pitt and Kate Hudson weren’t even dating. So, when it comes to pregnancy, the idea is pretty much impossible. Brad Pitt’s rep also shot down the report as “false.”

Brad Pitt attends the 2014 Oscars
Brad Pitt attended the 2014 Oscars on March 2, 2014
[Image by Michael Buckner/Getty Images]

While Brad Pitt might begin dating someone at some point, a source weeks ago claimed he wasn’t ready to find love.

“[Brad Pitt] has no desire to date or get involved in any new relationships,” a source told Hollywood Life last month. “He is still stunned and heartbroken over his failed marriage, and feels like it’ll be a long time before he’s ready to love again. His main focus right now is finishing up his work obligations and figuring out how and when he can see his children.”

After his wife filed for divorce, Brad Pitt kept a low profile before he began to promote his film, Allied. However, the appearances were somewhat controversial due to his past ties to his co-star Marion Cotillard. As fans will recall, Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard were linked to one another romantically for several months during production in London. Then, after Jolie filed for divorce, rumors began swirling again in regard to Brad Pitt’s time with Cotillard.

Ultimately, Cotillard chose to address the rumors on her Instagram page.

“As this situation is spiraling and affecting people I love, I have to speak up,” she wrote. “Firstly, many years ago, I met the man of my life, father of our son and of the baby we are expecting. He is my love, my best friend, the only one that I need. Secondly to those who have indicated that I am devastated, I am very well thank you. This crafted conversation isn’t distressing.”

Cotillard continued on, telling her fans that she hoped Brad Pitt and his wife, Angelina Jolie, would find peace in “this very tumultuous moment.”

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