UFO News: Does Spate Of Alarming Sightings Point To Secret Space Program?

UFO news today includes a trend of disconcerting UFO sightings that seem to support, to a degree, an assertion that some type of secret space program originates from Earth. The news has been filled with sightings of triangle shaped UFOs. Now, another example of similar cases weeks apart comes from both the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) and the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC). The MUFON case covers a sighting of triangles in formation over a Philadelphia suburb, and the NUFORC UFO sighting that is extremely similar happened almost six weeks later in Kentucky.

Yesterday’s UFO news covered a similar echo between the cases. The triangle reports have been occurring with interesting details in the most recent spate of sightings, and one of the most interesting is the “disappearing” or “cloaking” UFO sightings. Most speculation in the UFO research community focuses on these triangle-shaped UFOs representing a terrestrial space program, either reverse-engineered from alien UFO recoveries or as an ultra-secret black project with technologies not yet available to the public — or a hybrid of the two. To properly contextualize this subject, it would be appropriate to summarize cases both for and against this theory.

Some have speculated that recent UFO sightings are of Military aircraft. [Image by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]

To begin, one should start by inspecting the science to support that humans can build and operate a triangle-shaped UFO like the ones in the news. Much of this discussion should focus on energy, nanotechnology, and metallurgy. That is, a craft must be light enough to be propelled at high speeds by an energy source powerful enough to defy gravity and must be able to process extraordinary amounts of information to account for navigation at such speeds. It must also be durable enough to move at those speeds without disintegrating as well, and a design that good would be in the news.


The UFO itself would need to be constructed in a way to comply with all of the demands of physics, as far as we know. That is, it would need to be constructed of an alloy that is structurally immaculate, that can withstand extreme temperature changes in sudden ways, and would still be capable of making turns at extraordinary speeds without damaging or destroying that structural integrity. Earth does have some alloys which might fit that bill, but the technology required to make a UFO with any alloy that could hold together under conditions of UFO sightings is questionable.

The energy source is possibly the biggest hurdle to the theory that the UFO sightings in the news are of Earth origin. To power a triangle UFO 400 feet across, like the Reno triangle UFO sighting in early December where the UFO was moving at a high rate of speed, would almost certainly require a power source that is not available anywhere else on this planet. It would also require massive amounts of fuel if all of these triangle UFOs ran on nuclear energy. Without a framework of sustainable energy consumption, this theory hits a big snag.

Finally, moving at rates of speed that are unattainable in any known Earth-based craft would require processing power on a scale that is possible but never recorded in anything known to be built by humans. It would almost certainly suggest that a UFO moving at distances of miles in the blink of a human eye would require navigational computers to account for everything it would be impossible for a human to see while flying it. This is where the discussion can transition to a second framework.

Does NASA or the Air Force have a secret space program?. [Image by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]

Would human beings even be capable of surviving these kinds of flights, much less pilot them? That would certainly be in the UFO news. It could be safely asserted that no known cockpit design could qualify for flight speeds that high. That means technology would need to compensate for human physical frailty if humans were to pilot such a UFO.

All of that leads us back to the roundabout of logic. There’s nothing in the way of “smoking gun” evidence that these triangle UFO sightings in the news represent Earth-based craft. They could be, but that would require technology beyond what is known. Did the government reverse-engineer that technology and put it to work in space? If they didn’t, the skies are looking troublesome.

[Featured Image by NASA/Getty Images]

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