UFO News: New ‘Massive’ Triangle UFO Sighting Deepens National Mystery

UFO news today includes a triangle UFO sighting in Columbus, Ohio, which according to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) occurred on November 29, 2016. Some readers will recall that this date falls within a short time frame when news of sightings in Reno, Nevada, and Los Angeles, California, reported similar triangle UFO descriptions. The sighting in Ohio is rich with inference and worth a closer look. What makes the Columbus UFO news worth exploring?

First, just like the Reno UFO sighting, the proximity of Columbus to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base makes this news worthy of a second look. As noted during the Reno news coverage, location near a military base opens the door to the possibility of terrestrial based aircraft, but with bases known for their connection to previous UFO news and events, it is possible to make extraterrestrial connections with sightings. Wright-Patterson Air Force Base is allegedly home to “Hangar 18,” which was alleged to hold recovered UFO wreckage, and possibly, an operable spacecraft.

Could Wright-Patterson Air Force Base be home to something more secret than a museum? [Image by Matt Sullivan/Getty Images]

The second odd aspect of this report is the photo of the UFO in Columbus and a description of a second UFO sighting, nine days later in Illinois. In the report from MUFON, a photo of the UFO shows three large spherical lights on the craft. Because those lights are the only reference point for the photo, it is impossible to determine the angle of the craft or any other aspect of the UFO as related to its physical structure. In the photo, the lights appear to be in a straight line.

In an anonymous report to the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC), a witness in Jerseyville, Illinois only nine days after the Columbus sighting gave an eerily similar description.

“Near perfect triangle 3 solid huge lights.”

“I was driving home from work. I seen a fast moving large shape in the sky. it was traveling west. It went almost perfectly over me and another car that stopped to see what was in the sky. I have seen this thing before, i know it was not Military. this ship was massive much larger than any aircraft. it was moving very very fast. It went from my left to my right in a matter of seconds. out of sight heading west and looked like it was leaving earth.”

The Jerseyville witness described the photo in the Columbus UFO sighting in his first sentence. The movement of the UFO is fast. In the Columbus sighting, the witness only captured a photo at the furthest distance from the craft. Also, the observation at that moment led the witness to initially believe that it was a plane crashing. The witness did not see the UFO after that as the trajectory of the witness’ vehicle put the craft out of visual range.

An F-117 Nighthawk is too small and too loud to explain these UFO sightings. [Image By Usaf/Getty Images]

This UFO News is closely connected in many aspects to the other triangle sightings being tracked over the last six weeks. This Columbus UFO sighting ties back to the Reno speculation about the altitude of that craft. In Reno, the witnesses stated that they thought the craft was approximately 400 feet across.

The Columbus UFO also connects with the Los Angeles triangle UFO that made a 180-degree turn and disappeared. A reasonable observer could suggest that the Columbus UFO was making a similar movement when the witness lost sight of it, which would tie these news stories together in the most bizarre way imaginable. Also, all of these sightings were relatively close to both Nellis Air Force Base in the West, and Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in the Midwest of the United States.

At first blush, these sightings have some strong similarities in need of further investigation. One thing is certain. Between the middle of November and the first two weeks of December, a noticeable group of sightings seems to be echoing each other through the descriptions of witnesses. UFO news will continue to buzz with these sightings if they continue this pattern.


[Featured Image by NOAA/ Getty Images]

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