Natalie Negrotti, James Huling Reunite: ‘Big Brother 18’ Stars Together Again, Ready To Celebrate The Holidays Together

Big Brother 18 stars James Huling and Natalie Negrotti are together once again, and this time, they are back in her neck of the woods. As BB18 fans know, Natalie and James developed their relationship last summer in the house, and now it has transitioned into a full-fledged romance in their regular lives. This is a long-distance relationship, but the duo dubbed “Jatalie” is managing to make things work. What’s the latest?

Despite the fact that Natalie Negrotti lives in New Jersey and James Huling has been living in Texas, these Big Brother 18 houseguests have managed to spend quite a bit of time together since the finale of their season aired. They initially did quite a bit of traveling together, spending time with one another’s families and loved ones, and they have made several trips to visit one another since then.

Huling recently visited New Jersey on the cusp of an alumni game she had for her New York Jets cheerleading gig, but the visit was cut somewhat short due to a business obligation that required him to head home early. Negrotti joined her beau for an exciting visit with his daughter recently, and Jatalie fans knew that the two were slated to spend Christmas together as well.

Just as their Big Brother 18 supporters had expected, James and Natalie are together again as the Christmas holiday draws near. Huling shared via Snapchat how he was flying to New Jersey while Negrotti shared via Snapchat that she was heading to the airport to pick up her boyfriend.

Additional social media posts have shared that he’s spending some time with Negrotti’s family, and they’ve been working on getting her new website launched. He joked that he is now doing some modeling, referencing some shots he did for his gal for her website. Knowing this Big Brother 18 duo, supporters can expect many more comical social media posts as the current visit between these two lovebirds continues.

What comes next for Jatalie? It is expected that James and Natalie will spend some quality time together in New Jersey now for the holidays, and their supporters suspect that there are a number of additional visits already in the works. Huling tweeted that he is anxious to start a new round of appearances with the group Bullies Reality, noting that they have three schools they will be hitting in January. As Big Brother 18 Jatalie fans may remember, Negrotti surprised everybody by joining Huling at one Bullies Reality appearance in the fall, and many fans suspect that she’ll be popping up at more of these in the New Year.

Natalie and James have also been hyping up a cruise they plan to do with fans next spring, and Jatalie supporters can feel pretty confident that there will be other visits and trips slated over the next few months as well. Where are things headed in the long term for Huling and Negrotti? The Big Brother 18 stars haven’t shared much in the way of specifics, as it seems that they’re just taking things one step at a time at this point.

Despite some occasional rumors to the contrary, James and Natalie say that they are head-over-heels in love with one another and that their relationship is going quite well. They will continue to maintain a long-distance relationship for the time-being, but the Big Brother 18 stars don’t seem to be letting it slow them down at all. Do you think that Natalie Negrotti and James Huling have what it takes to go the distance? Jatalie fans are definitely rooting for them and hope that this relationship will last.

[Featured image by James Huling/Instagram]