George Lucas, Kathleen Kennedy Discuss The Future Of ‘Star Wars’ [Video]

News that Disney had purchased George Lucas’ empire has spread like wildfire throughout the internet. In addition to having Marvel content at their disposal, the studio now owns the rights to the Star Wars universe. In fact, a seventh movie is scheduled for release in just three years.

Cinema Blend reports that an official video featuring Star Wars creator George Lucas and Kathleen Kennedy discussing the future of the franchise has found its way online. You can find the clip embedded below.

Kennedy, the new head of LucasFilm, readily admits that new movies are on the horizon. From the way Lucas talks, future additions to the franchise may not come from his head alone. In same breath that he mentions his own treatments and ideas, the director mentions the hundreds of novels and comic books that are set in the Star Wars universe.

It’s also being reported that Disney and LucasFilm intend to release two more movies following the one presently scheduled for release in 2015. Lucas explains that, while he did state that he was done with the Star Wars franchise, he never said the characters couldn’t live on in the hands of someone else.

What else might Disney have in store for fans of George Lucas’ universe? Lucas hints about the possibility of combining the Star Wars franchise with Disney’s ability to craft large, elaborate theme parks. Given the success of Disney’s numerous attractions around the world, it wouldn’t be completely ridiculous to speculate that the company could have something similar in mind for the Star Wars series.

Presently, the seventh installment is slated to arrive in 2015, which is the same year that Disney will drop director Joss Whedon’s The Avengers 2 into theaters across the globe. Somewhere, studio executives are rubbing their hands together with maniacal glee.

How do you feel about Disney purchasing LucasFilm? Are you worried about the franchise’s future?