Anti-Trump Groups Indicate They Will Look For More Causes To Thwart His Presidency After Electoral College Fail

The Electoral College was for many in the anti-Trump clan the last resort move to derail the prospect of him becoming the next president of the United States. Not only did that last ditch attempt fall flat on its face on Monday, but the plot to ensure Trump’s defeat ended up backfiring embarrassingly for them when it emerged that more electors defected from Hillary Clinton than from Trump. Only two Republican electors broke ranks and defected while Clinton lost five electors from states she won.

With the last possible democratic method to stop the Trump juggernaut out of bounds, some from the anti- Trump camp have given up and face the reality of the beginning of the Trump era. A resilient group of anti-Trumpers, however, are still hopeful of coming up with new ideas to thwart Trump’s presidency, FOX News reports. For example, the Hamilton Electors, the group that was behind the push to deny Trump 270 votes, came up with a statement on Monday saying that they would continue to fight while asking supporters to “stay tuned” for their next move. A post on their official Facebook page read,

“Though today’s events did not prevent Mr. Trump from assuming the presidency, our efforts – and your tireless support – drove a national conversation about the function and fitness of the Electoral College the likes of which has never been seen before. Remember: This is not the end. Stay tuned. The support and energy that has coalesced around fighting Trump will be vital in the days to come, as we all continue our ardent commitment to ensure that our nation remains fully free and sovereign.”

The statement further added,

“Hamilton Electors hope this watershed moment will lay the groundwork for the emerging grassroots resistance to Trump’s agenda.”

While there is still no clarity on the strategy that the resilient anti-Trump camp may adopt now, indications are that they would attack him over his businesses. There is also possibility that there would now be a definite push for Trump’s impeachment — possibly in the very first year of his presidency.

Trump electoral college
Mary Barrett, of Iowa City, Iowa, and her daughter Rebecca, right, react after the Electoral College results were revealed [Image By Charlie Neibergall/AP Images]

Following the Electoral College debacle, liberal filmmaker and activist Michael Moore tweeted out asking the anti-Trump brigade to come up with the “next idea.”

The possibility of a push towards Trump’s impeachment was also hinted by Texas Republican elector Chris Suprun, who voted for Ohio Gov. John Kasich on Monday. A statement released by him after the Electoral College results read,

“As a person who has always played fast and loose with the law, Trump will likely be impeached within the first year of his Presidency by responsible Republicans in Congress. For the rest of us Americans, his presence in the Oval Office represents a crisis for the Constitution, the economy and the country.”

Following the decisive results of the Electoral College, most Republican lawmakers have now indicated their readiness to work with Trump. Several Republican officials have also asked those still fighting against Trump to stop. Sharon Day, co-chairman of the Republican National Committee, issued a statement reminding them about the “historic election” being finally over. It read,

“This historic election is now officially over and I look forward to President-elect Trump taking the oath of office in January. Our unified Republican government will hit the ground running next year so we can deliver real change and make America great again. For the good of the country, Democrats must stop their cynical attempts to undermine the legitimacy of this election, which Donald Trump won decisively in the Electoral College with more votes than any Republican since 1988.”

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President-elect Donald Trump smiles as he listens to his pick for education secretary Betsy DeVos speak [Image by Andrew Harnik/AP Images]

President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, too, indicated that it is now time Democrats give Trump a chance. However, there is little doubt that even after being officially inaugurated, Trump critics would forever remain alert for any constitutional violations from him that could lead to his eventual impeachment.

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