Drake And Jennifer Lopez Dating? New Video Claims J-Lo And Drake Getting Cozy [Video]

The new video uploaded to the YouTube account of TMZ on Tuesday, December 20, seen below, claims to have caught Jennifer Lopez and Drake together. The description of the video goes even farther, claiming that sources surrounding Drake and J-Lo both claim that Jennifer has been spending loads of time with the “6 God” from Canada.

“Drake and Jennifer Lopez have been spending a lot of time together lately, and sources who are around both of them tell us it’s only a matter of time…”

According to TMZ, the link-up between Drake and J-Lo happened on Monday evening, after Drake rented the Delilah restaurant in West Hollywood. Described as “a swanky dinner and drinks spot with a 1920s vibe, classic cocktails and an American menu,” the eatery featured Lopez as Drake’s guest — along with 20 other people — and no members of the public. The publication admits that J-Lo is working on a music project with Drake — and notes that Drake has visited two of Jennifer’s shows in Las Vegas as of late.

One source that the publication spoke with claims that the rumored romance between J Lo and Drake is not what people would assume — but noted that it seems to be going in the direction of a hookup or more. The video itself makes it hard to see exactly who the occupants of the two cars are, let alone if they are actual Lopez and Drake. In the first car, a female hand appears to cover her face in the passenger’s side of the car. It isn’t known if the second car belongs to a bodyguard or is a decoy car — or is actually being driven by Drake.

In the top photo above, Jennifer can be seen planting a kiss on Lopez’s ex and the father of her children, Marc Anthony, after Lopez presented an award at the 17th annual Latin Grammy Awards on November 17, in Las Vegas.

Meanwhile, Drake has been linked to Rihanna in the past, and more recently with Taylor Swift, as reported by BET. However, Drake’s time with Swift — just as his time with Lopez — may have only been studio related. Whether there’s more to the relationship than making music with Jennifer remains to be seen.

As noted in the above tweet from Vogue, the rumors swirling about Drake and J-Lo are rampant — and folks are already tweeting on social media their reactions to the alleged romance. Some hope it is true, while others are trying figure out what their couple nickname might be.

Whether Drake and J-Lo are really making beautiful music together — or just making music together — the duo has certainly drawn a strong reaction from social media mavens. Some of the comments being left on social media about a potential coupling between Drake and Jennifer can be read below.

“If Drake pulled J-Lo he’s the man for 2017 already.”

“Drake got J Lo he the goat [greatest of all time].”

: “If Drake really pulled J.Lo I refuse to hear any slander towards him.”

“Drake think he slick f****** J Lo….you trying to duel with Diddy?”

: “ you getting down with J-Lo??? Dayum bruuhh.”

“J.LO better leave Drake alone…..he’s off limits t****!!”

“If Drake is tapping J-lo, he’s the motherf***** GOAT.”

Lavino Asap DeMiranda: “Drake a real one if it’s true.”

Most folks are giving Drake kudos for potentially dating J-Lo, saying that Lopez is next in Drake’s line of women — and calling Jennifer Drake’s next trophy.

[Featured Image by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP Images]