Joe Mixon: New Videos Talk N-Word, F-Word And Claims That Amelia Molitor’s Slap Felt Like A ‘Dude’ [Video]

The video of Joe Mixon punching Amelia Molitor, as reported by the Inquisitr, was recently released — even though the incident happened in 2014. Such a shocking video caused Mixon to delete his own Instagram account, with Joe’s last post mentioning the fact that “God got me.” Mixon was a star football player for the University of Oklahoma when he lobbed a punch so hard at Molitor that it knocked her to the ground, and reportedly caused bones in her face to break. In the wake of the punch, Amelia — or “Mia” as she is known — spoke about the backlash she received — so much so that Molitor deleted her social media pages. But Amelia would not be silenced — and the following video from TMZ showing police telling Joe the version of events that Amelia told them, as they watched the security footage now public, is also gaining views for the publication.

The events shown in the video were precipitated by some sort of melee over Mia’s homosexual friend, claim police in the above explanation video, as Amelia told authorities. According to police, Mia told them that Joe made a reference to her homosexual friend and used a slur against the person. Joe, meanwhile, claims that he was called the N-word before the punch. The authorities admit that the N-word was used, but was said about Mixon and not directly to Mixon.

The police officer in the above video reiterates that he is merely explaining to Mixon what Mia’s version of events was, as told to them. Then authorities give Joe the opportunity to tell his side of the story. Joe agreed that there was some sort of melee when Mia walked into the establishment. Whereas Mia’s version of events speaks of entering the eatery to escape the football players and their alleged harassment and speaks of Mia potentially wiping a tear from her eye when she walked in the eatery — Mixon claims that she could have been wiping her eyes due to smoke.

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“Joe Mixon told police ‘it felt like a dude hit me’ when he was slapped by a female student in 2014… and that’s why he hit back.”

Mixon states that smoke was blown in his face during the events that happened before the punch. Joe did admit that he used the homophobic slur against Mia’s friend. However, when the events of the physical confrontation are discussed, that’s where their stories somewhat differ. Mixon claimed that Mia hit him so hard that his glasses fell off — and that it “felt like a dude hit” him. It’s an assertion that isn’t winning Mixon many fans (but some) in the comments section of YouTube beneath the video — nor from the people giving the video a thumbs-down reaction on the video-sharing website.

The release of the video that showed Mixon punching Amelia caused plenty of reactions on Twitter, with most folks agreeing that while Molitor should not have touched Joe in the first place — Mixon should have walked away from Mia, and not punched her to the ground. However, some of the comments — as seen below from YouTube — claim that Mixon was within his right to punch Mia.

JackBlack: “F that let’s ask the question was her hit equal to his hit. I don’t think so true she should have never touched him but to hit her like that come on man really.”

Cindy Kay: “I have reacted the same way, swinging my fists against guys. I could hit hard for a female, but It was just a reaction w/o thought.”

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DemGamers: “The [woman] started it by hitting him first. It’s not his fault.”

Charles Barkley: “This whole situation is turrible.”

caveloc3: “Equal rights for equal lefts.”

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