Bon Jovi Offers His Fans Tickets For Just $20

Bon Jovi have looked to assist cash-strapped fan by offering them cut-price tickets to their concerts during their 2013 Because We Can world tour.

These gigs will showcase the latest tracks from the band’s newest album, What About Now, which is set to be released in spring 2013. Bon Jovi’s request to devaluate his performances comes after fans had to spend between $160 and $640 to watch The Rolling Stones for their 50th anniversary dates at London’s o2 Arena.

Rob Hallet, Bon Jovi’s UK tour promotor said,”I was delighted when they came to me insisting on ticket prices for the Because We Can Tour next year that enabled all to attend.”

“If we are to survive as an industry we need to move away from the elitist image of high prices and even higher secondary prices. After all rock and roll always was and always should be the music of the people and that means everyone.”


Sources close to the band also echoed these sentiments stating, “We are in the middle of a recession and that’s why the band £12.50 is perfect.”

Bon Jovi in their various incarnations have now been playing for 30 years at over 2,700 concerts in 50 different countries with 35 million people paying to watch their shows.

The Rolling Stones decision to charge over $160 just for the cheapest seat to their 2012 tour has caused uproar throughout the industry amongst fans and promoters alike. Fox News declared it “The most overpriced gig ever” whilst fans also found them priced out of the concert as the only tickets left available to purchase were in the hundreds and hundreds.