December 20, 2016
Duggar Family News: Michelle's Birthday Video For Jordyn Duggar Makes Fans Sad

The Duggar family's birthday video for Jordyn-Grace Makiya Duggar is making some fans of the Counting On stars sad.

As the Duggar Family Blog reports, the Duggars helped Jordyn celebrate her eighth birthday on Sunday. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar took their second-youngest child out to eat at Acambaro, her favorite Mexican food restaurant, and the rest of their large family tagged along. The parents filmed a special video tribute for Jordyn during her birthday dinner and later shared it on the Duggar Family YouTube page and the Duggar Family Official Facebook page. On the latter, it was accompanied by a message for the birthday girl.

"Our Jordyn is celebrating her 8th birthday today! Her only request was for our family to celebrate at her favorite Mexican restaurant! Jordyn is such a wonderful little helper and is always willing to serve others! She has such a loving heart and we wanted to say that we love you, Jordyn!"
In the video, Michelle Duggar praises Jordyn while they stand up in front of the rest of the family.


Jordyn Duggar doesn't crack a smile at any point during Michelle's speech to the family, and the little girl hardly reacts at all when her mother tells her that she loves her and kisses her on the forehead. Jordyn stares off into the distance and chews gum while Michelle commends her for being a "loving little helper" who is already a pro at taking care of babies.

"She's always willing to jump in and help. She loves, loves, loves to carry little babies on her hip. She is instant friends with a baby. When she sees a baby in the room, she immediately makes friends." Michelle says in the video. "Jordyn, we are so thankful for your sweet, loving spirit and your heart to serve."

The video is making some Duggar fans feel sorry for Jordyn.

"This is the saddest Duggar video I have ever seen. The child seems not to even know who her mother is, and on her special day, she gets no recognition beyond that she's preparing well for her sole role in life as baby maker," one commenter wrote on the Duggar family's YouTube page.


"This video was so sad OMG Michelle do you even know this child? A baby on her hip?? Really? She's 8 years old! She should not be walking around with a baby on her hip. Her back bones and muscles are still developing," another concerned fan wrote on the Duggar Family Official Facebook page.

Some fans also wondered if Jordyn's distant demeanor in the video is the result of her parents making her do something that she didn't want to do.

"Honestly, Jordan looks completely disinterested in this video. What is the purpose of sharing it with the entire world?" a commenter on the Duggar Family Blog asked. "Do the little kids have any say about being in the public eye? I know I would have hated it if I were in her shoes..."

This isn't the first time Jordyn's public birthday message has caused concern. As the Inquisitr previously reported, some fans were outraged last December when Michelle acknowledged Jordyn's seventh birthday by listing the many household chores that the little girl is expected to do. In that Duggar Family Official Facebook post, Michelle claimed that Jordyn "loves" doing laundry, washing dishes, and cleaning the house. Michelle was criticized for failing to think of any fun activities that Jordyn enjoys that aren't housework, like drawing pictures or climbing trees.


Some longtime Duggar watchers have speculated that Michelle doesn't know much about her youngest kids because of her family's "buddy system." In the 14 Kids and Pregnant Again! TV special, Michelle explains that her older daughters are expected to care for groups of their younger siblings called "buddy teams." As soon as a baby was weaned, Michelle would hand that child over to a buddy team leader. Jessa used to be Jordyn's caretaker, but now Duggar No. 18 is either being looked after by Jana or Joy-Anna.

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[Featured Image by Duggar Family/Facebook]