Made In Chelsea Stars Sam Thompson And Tiffany Watson Get Naked For Christmas Card

Sam Thompson and Tiffany Watson from Made in Chelsea got naked so that they could pose for Christmas card photos.

The Made in Chelsea stars decided to do a Christmas card shoot and not just any shoot, but they decided to do it while naked. Their friend Olivia Bentley was the one taking the photos. Sam and Tiffany chose to strip down to nothing over the traditional fireplace Christmas card poses. The couple decided to be creative by posing completely nude so that they could spice things up, and perhaps it also symbolized that they were also ready to take their relationship to the next level.

Sam and Tiffany posed in front of a decorated Christmas tree since the holiday cheer has to be in the photos. The first photo from the shoot reveals the Made in Chelsea couple completely naked with Tiffany standing in front of Sam. Tiffany covered Sam and then she had some baubles covering her modesty while Sam held up a pair of Christmas tree decorations to cover Tiffany's breasts.

Tiffany Watson goes naked
[Image by Vianney Le Caer/AP Images]

Another photo from the Christmas card shoot revealed Sam Sitting on a red chair next to the Christmas tree with his legs spread out. Luckily, he had a stocking filler covering his genitals, and they did not forget to add a bit of pun with the two red balls hanging from the stocking. Tiffany stood behind the chair that Sam was seated on in a different photo and the two were all smiles, clearly having fun embracing their nakedness.

"I look like a scared little boy," Sam said while checking out the results of the shoot.

The couple also posed with their backs facing the camera. Sam's back was covered by the decorative ribbon that was used by Tiffany in the first photo while he also held up a wrapped blue gift to cover her derriere. The two have had quite a good time filming the 12th season of the show. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for Sam's sister Louise who has been having a lot of drama with her personal trainer boyfriend.

Sam Thompson and Tiffany Watson goes naked
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Frankie Gaff and Jamie Laing alongside Binky and JP have also experienced their fair share of drama during the latest season. Tiffany has had a relatively good time with her boyfriend and that was evident from the cheer that they had during the photo shoot. They were clearly having a lot of fun with the naked shoot. They even sealed the shoot with a romantic kiss. The fact that things have been going so well for Sam and Tiff caused some questions to pop up. Tiffany's dad called Sam aside on the latest episode, which was aired on Monday, and he demanded to know what his plans were for the relationship with Tiffany.

The pressure from Tiffany's dad must have encouraged Sam to make a decision regarding the relationship. He later got down to his knees and presented her with a key to his house. Sam revealed that he planned to send some of the photos to his grandparents to which Tiffany stated, "Nothing says happy Christmas like you and your girlfriend butt naked."

While Sam and Tiff appeared to have their relationship all figured out, the same could not be said about Ryan and Louise, who were left with questions about their relationship. Either way, it was a fun-filled episode as the cast ushers in the festive season. It was also great to see that Sam and Tiffany have been on a smooth path as far as their relationship is concerned. The Made in Chelsea stars had a lot of fun with the naked photo shoot for Christmas cards despite its unorthodox nature.

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