Kandi Burruss Spills Phaedra Parks Business On #RHOA: ‘Chocolate’ Boyfriend, Bodyguard And Bomber

Kandi Burruss received a call from Phaedra Parks’ assistant, asking for a lunch or dinner appointment, as seen on the latest episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Phaedra called Kandi because Parks was upset over Kandi’s mom saying that Parks received a threat that she would get “blown the f*** up” in the most recent bomb threat that Parks received. Kandi called BS on the whole episode because Kandi said she met Phaedra’s bodyguard recently — either Parks’ bodyguard or boyfriend, Kandi wasn’t sure. Kandi didn’t know if Phaedra didn’t want people to know just how scared Parks really was in the midst of the bomb threat — or if Parks was trying to cover up an affair.

Kandi did spill the beans about the man nicknamed “Chocolate” that Apollo Nida previously brought up when Nida said he went through Phaedra’s phone and alleged that Parks was having an affair with a man nicknamed “Chocolate.” Kandi said that she knew who “Chocolate” was in Phaedra’s life and the man she saw that Parks introduced as her bodyguard was not the “Chocolate” man.

Burruss also put Phaedra’s business on “Front Street” when the duo met, and Kandi spilled the beans that Phaedra was already planning to marry someone else, while all the while Phaedra was claiming in the public eye that she wasn’t even ready to date anyone before her divorce from Apollo was finalized.

Meanwhile, Parks made a lot of buzz for getting a serious kiss from Shemar Moore on a recent appearance of Watch What Happens Live. In the video clip, Parks laughed a lot as Moore kissed her neck and bent her backwards on the couch. However, the most recent meeting between Phaedra and Kandi brought a lot of controversy and backlash on Twitter under the #RHOA hashtag on Sunday, especially from folks who complained that Kandi was breaking the “girl code” by exposing Phaedra’s boyfriend business in public.

However, some folks tweeting about the meeting between Parks and Burruss couldn’t blame Kandi for not taking any of Phaedra’s posturing. As seen in past episodes of the show, Parks was the center of controversy ever since there was a question as to the actual conception date of Phaedra’s first baby. The meeting showed that Kandi and Phaedra aren’t friends anymore. The duo agreed that they are just cordial — and Kandi admitted that she didn’t want to seem too brash during their date. Kandi brought up the comment that Parks made about Kandi’s husband Todd scrounging around the couch cushions for change.

Some of the comments appearing on social media about the meeting between the former friends can be read below.

“Even if you’re not girls anymore, you don’t put her business out there like that. Those females just messy–why care??!!

“For a ‘friend’ to even know a so-called secret of mine, you BEST believe I already got something on them.”

“Phaedra came to work things out! Kandi came to be mean! Phaedra: I Love U, Kandi laughed! Bye Kandi, Joyce will destroy your marriage!”

“My opinion: this Kandi and Phaedra beef was a trickling down effect of jealousy, shade, bad business deals, and Nene.”

“Seems to me that Kandi and her team do more worrying about and what she doing than actually working.”

“Kandi’s face is priceless. She is not having any BS.”

Kandi told Parks that she was ready for Apollo to go to jail anyway and that Nida’s path to jail was a stress relief for Parks. Burruss accused Parks of crying in a pity party with people like Nene Leakes, but Kandi said Phaedra can’t make her the scapegoat anymore in her life.

[Featured Image by Evan Agostini/AP Images]