‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Lulu Connects With Charlotte, Finn Is Desperate To Save Hayden, Sonny Reels, And Franco Faces Big Decisions

General Hospital spoilers for the week of December 19 tease that there is plenty of action on the way and things will get wild. Hayden’s health is declining rapidly and Finn is desperate to save her, while Franco has Elizabeth’s rapist, Tom, locked up in a cage. Lulu has learned that Charlotte is her biological daughter, and Julian is pressuring Alexis to take care of him after the accident she caused. Where are things headed next?

Lulu will spend a day with Charlotte, and it sounds as if the two will bond quickly. General Hospital spoilers, via We Love Soaps, detail that Lulu will tell Dante that she intends to ensure that the little girl stays with them, while Nina will be trying to warn Valentin about the troubles he may face as this plays out. There is a custody battle ahead between Lulu and Valentin over Charlotte, and it sounds as if this one may get intense.

Hayden is in bad shape right now as a result of the virus, and Finn is willing to do whatever it takes to help her. Soap Central indicates that Finn will ask Brad to help him, and he will risk everything to try to cure Hayden. It sounds as if Finn uses an untested serum on Hayden, and he’ll insist on staying by her side as she fights to live.

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Anna is determined to figure out the truth about Valentin, and she will soon hear a familiar melody of some sort that sparks a memory. She will be trying to sort through the sparks and flashes of memory she is getting that are related to this connection to Valentin, and General Hospital spoilers tease that the truth in this matter may take a bit to emerge.

Franco has taken Tom hostage and is holding him in a cage, but General Hospital spoilers reveal that this situation will grow increasingly complicated in the coming episodes. Franco and Elizabeth will cross paths with Tom’s brother, Seth, and a dream that Franco has turns everything upside down. Elizabeth will reach out to Heather to try to sort through things, and it seems that Franco will have some difficult decisions to make that affect not only Tom’s future, but Elizabeth’s as well.

There is said to be new information on the way related to Morgan’s death, and the revelation ahead will leave Sonny quite shaken. He has already been struggling and making some poor choices, and General Hospital spoilers hint that he will spin further out of control as a result of this upcoming news. In addition, Sonny’s got the Nelle situation that has him rattled, and his lies are going to cause a lot of chaos in the days ahead.

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Julian has made it clear to Alexis that she needs to take care of him during his recovery if she wants him to keep his mouth shut about the fact that she drunkenly ran him over. Ava is not happy about this situation, and General Hospital spoilers detail that Julian will keep trying to reconnect with Alexis, despite all of the problems between them.

The Corinthos family will gather to celebrate the holiday, and Sam will be lavished with attention during her baby shower. Dante will be revealing some news about Tom as the week plays out, and Kevin is said to be a bit worried about where things are headed with Laura. Kiki will pop up and end up hearing something that causes her to pause, and Franco will consider telling Elizabeth the truth about what he’s been doing.

Teasers indicate that Hayden will soon recover, but it won’t be all smooth-sailing as she works on getting better, and Franco will ultimately admit his dastardly deeds. Nelle’s antics will cause more chaos in the episodes ahead, and fans know that Maxie and Nathan’s wedding is slated to take place in a matter of days. Jason and Curtis are still digging into the car explosion that supposedly killed Morgan, and General Hospital spoilers indicate that things will be quite wild in the shows ahead during the week of December 19.

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